Guy Bought a Secondhand Watch for $5.99 And Found This Item Is Worth $35,000!

Sometimes we throw things out (or donate them) because we have no use for them. But what might be useless and meaningless to us is pretty much valuable to others.

Such was the case when vintage watch enthusiast Zach Norris went to a local Goodwill in Phoenix to shop for a push-pull golf cart. He didn’t exactly bought his intended item that day, but what he left with is something much, much better.

Norris exited the store with a rare watch he dug out of the store’s watch basket filled with Fossil watches with dead batteries. The watch that’s lying face down caught his interest. The dial said “LeCoultre Deep Sea Alarm.” The price? $5.99.

goodwill watch 1


Being a vintage enthusiast, Norris knew the LeCoultre name. He also knew it was made by Jaeger-LeCoultre and was probably worth far more than its Goodwill price.

goodwill watch 3


What he didn’t realize is that it was a vintage LeCoultre Deep Sea Alarm from circa 1959, worth over $35,000!

goodwill watch 4



The watch is one of only 1,000 watches of this model ever made and it’s become one of the most coveted vintage watches.

goodwill watch 7


This specific model was among the first watches with alarms specifically made for divers.

goodwill watch 9


Although there was minor damage (it has lost a little luminous material in the hour hand and the watch does have a replacement time crown), it is otherwise in excellent condition with alarm still intact and working.

goodwill watch 8


Zack eventually decided to sell the watch to pay for his upcoming wedding. He sold it to watch-fanatic Eric Ku who offered $35,000 and another vintage watch (an Omega Speedmaster!) for his LeCoultre.

goodwill watch 5


A really good trade if you ask me! You might want to consider dropping by Goodwill from now on. Who knows, you might find yourself a real treasure.

goodwill watch 6


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