Iceland Decided to Do This with The Last McDonald’s Meal EVER Sold!

Wouldn’t it be nice if this was the last McDonald’s meal EVER!


The final day that McDonald’s was open in Iceland was October 31, 2009. On that day a man named Hjortur Smarason bought a meal as a souvenir. He had no intention on actually eating it but just wanted to hang onto it out of curiosity, because he saw it as a piece of history.

Almost 6 years later, the last McDonald’s meal ever sold in Iceland has still not become rotten or moldy. Take a look.


After spending over a year in Iceland’s National Museum, the last McDonald’s meal sold in the country will now be going on display at the Bus Hostel in Reykjavik. At its new home at the Bus Hostel in Reykjavik, the burger and fries sit on display in front of a webcam, where people all over the world can watch its decomposition, or not.