Key Points in Gameplay and Character Leveling that a Newcomer to Final Fantasy 14 Needs to Know

Final Fantasy switched to the MMO RPG format to attract new players to its servers, and not just fans of the console versions who completed all the single-player versions and want to continue the story of Cloud, Tifa and other characters.

Don’t bother choosing a character

Many players who for the first time come not only to Final Fantasy, but to any MMO RPG and begin to sort through a large number of heroes in order to understand who they want to play for and earn ffxiv gil, instead of just choosing intuitively and changing if necessary.

It is better to always choose the first hero from attacking classes – warrior, archer, mage, who will always have the opportunity to level up and earn FF 14 gil even without the help of other characters, except perhaps for raids.

If you choose a support or tank class, then you will always be dependent on group leveling and will practically be deprived of developing in any format that requires the support of other characters.

The problem with all supports is that they are not particularly needed for group hunting, and they can be pumped up themselves, but it will take too long and is not interesting. Only at high levels, above 60, will players, on the contrary, actively look for tanks and healers, which is the main irony of all MMO projects – those who did not want to help supports then experience an acute shortage of these professions in the future.

In order not to deprive yourself of the opportunity and pleasure of starting in an MMO RPG, then choose an attacking class – if in the future you want to change your role to support, you will simply dump FF 14 gils on a new hero and your gameplay will be easier than if you start playing with zero.

Choose your gameplay format

In MMO RPGs and Final Fantasy, this is no exception. You need to choose your own pace and format of the game, which will depend on the availability of free time and gaming style.

You can play actively and force your development, sacrificing a little of your equipment and equipment and sometimes falling far behind the required equipment for this level.

In this format, it is better to focus on story and secondary level quests and receive fixed experience and gil for completing specific tasks and studying the story of Final Fantasy in the format that the game developers from Squire Enix came up with.

If you are a fan of gameplay for the sake of accumulating resources and are not in a hurry to gain levels, in favor of approaching them fully equipped and with the best weapons for your current status.

Then you need to concentrate on grinding, raids and only then on the quest system.

Grind is hunting in locations that suit your level. To successfully level and earn gils in Final Fantasy 14, you need the enemies to be higher than you in level, but not much, otherwise you will simply receive huge damage and will not increase your level.

The optimal spread is 3–5 levels. When you are equal in level, you just need to change the location.

It is ideal if you combine all types of pumping to slowly but effectively increase your level and earn gil. You simply take on the story and side quests associated with this location and stay there even after completing all the tasks, until you completely fill your inventory, outgrow the monsters, die, or you simply get bored and want to complete a gaming session.

Spontaneity in the grind

In Final Fantasy, you will have the opportunity to significantly increase your experience and gil in a short time if you have enough potential to quickly kill monsters or cause large-scale damage.

The format is called FATE and consists in the fact that an invasion of monsters can spontaneously begin in a random territory and all interested players can arrive to destroy them.

Each monster will bring a lot of experience and to get it you need to quickly destroy them, or at least deal damage, then all the experience will be shared among the players who attacked it and everyone will receive a boost.

The monsters are not unlimited and when the last one dies, the spontaneous event will end.

It’s worth going to the FATE if you can quickly arrive at the specified location and do a lot of damage alone or as part of a group, otherwise it will simply be a waste of time, which is better spent with greater benefit in quests and grinding at locations and not being distracted from this gameplay.


The MMO RPG raid format is an activity that allows players to team up and risk their time to take down a powerful monster and gain increased experience and valuable items that often cannot be obtained any other way.

Final Fantasy is a raid of three monsters of varying difficulty, where each boss will have its own unique gameplay and skills that you need to learn and be able to counter, otherwise the raid may end in failure.

The first level of difficulty is normal, which is not difficult if each raid member knows their tasks based on their role. In this format, you need to learn and understand all the main attacks of the boss, and understand how to distinguish them, and counter them, because as the difficulty level increases, the attacks will be more frequent, faster and without any recognition.

The second level of difficulty is heroic, bosses will be more protected and with a strong attack and increased frequency of unique attacks, but the rewards will increase their overall level, which must be equipped on your hero in order to gain access to the Mythic level.

Mythic Raids are the most difficult format because it doesn’t forgive any player’s positioning or reaction during boss attacks.

You need to use all your accumulated skills and understanding of the boss’s animations in order to be able to counter them in a timely manner.

It is in such raids that you can get the best options for equipment and weapons of the legendary level.