Filipino Artist Creates Impressively Detailed Doodles With His Pens

Filipino artist Kerby Rosanes creates hyper-detailed doodles using only his black pens. His magical doodle world is characterized and inspired by whimsical elements (patterns, lines, and characters) combined together to produce beautiful and intricate illustrations.

Here are some of Rosanes’ best works:

kerby rosanes - the king's awakening

The King’s Awakening │ Kerby Rosanes

kerby rosanes - coronation

Coronation │ Kerby Rosanes

kerby rosanes - ascension

Ascension │ Kerby Rosanes

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. I believe this piece was inspired by Hayao Miyazaki’s 1984 Japanese post-apocalyptic fantasy adventure film of the same title.

kerby rosanes - Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind │ Kerby Rosanes

kerby rosanes - feast

Feast │ Kerby Rosanes

kerby rosanes - black and white cat-foot

Black and White Cat Foot │ Kerby Rosanes


Simply impressive. Considering the size of this Moleskine notebook, creating those details takes real talent and a seriously steady hand.

kerby rosanes - CROWded

CROWded │ Kerby Rosanes

kerby rosanes - growth

Growth │ Kerby Rosanes

kerby rosanes - legendary

Legendary │ Kerby Rosanes

kerby rosanes - shelter

Shelter │ Kerby Rosanes

kerby rosanes - vampire wolf

Vampire Wolf │ Kerby Rosanes

If I am to pick a favorite, this will be it. There are so many elements here yet the artist has managed to combine them all so flawlessly. The concept is as stellar as the artwork itself.
kerby rosanes - Valar Morghulis

Valar Morghulis │ Kerby Rosanes

kerby rosanes - time guardian

Time Guardian │ Kerby Rosanes

“Never quit drawing.”
kerby rosanes - imagination is power

Imagination is Power│ Kerby Rosanes

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