Woman Collects Trash People Threw Away and Creates Amazing Arts

Her name is Jane Perkins. This talented woman doesn’t need expensive art materials to create a masterpiece. All she ever needs can easily be obtained from trash people like us are throwing away every day.

Out of buttons, plastic toys, puzzle pieces, and many other materials she patiently collected, Jane re-created iconic paintings and portraits of famous people in history. The final results of her work are mind-blowingly awesome.

How is this possible? Just wow!


Jane Perkins

Imagine the painstaking time, patience and talent this kind of fantastic work will require from an artist.


Jane Perkins

Just pretty incredible.


Jane Perkins

Look closer and you’ll find all the buttons, unwanted toys, et cetera that were arrange delicately together.


Jane Perkins

This is just beyond me.


Jane Perkins


I’d certainly love to have this hanging on my wall.


Jane Perkins

She even captured the iconic smile of the queen.


Jane Perkins

I’m running out of words to describe her wonderful works.


Jane Perkins

This is one of my favorite.


Jane Perkins

And also this one, of course.


Jane Perkins

Actually, all of these masterpieces here are my favorite.


Jane Perkins

(Credit: Jane Perkins)

I am a ‘re-maker’, taking inspiration from found objects and working them into something new,” Jane Perkins wrote on her website. “Although my background is in textiles, I now work predominantly with plastic. I love art with an element of fun and the unexpected, and hope my work will make you smile!

It certainly does, Jane. Thank you for inspiring us with your incredible works.