It’s as Simple as Starting Something

All it takes is a start.

We all have goals and dreams of becoming greater or doing better. But sometimes these ideas can feel so big they seem unachievable. And over time, we wonder what happened to our lofty goals.


Pursuing your personal goals and achievements should be a fun experience that leaves you feeling on top of the world. And for this very reason, USANA Health Sciences, Inc.—a leading direct selling company that produces high-quality nutritional supplements, skincare, and foods to support health and well-being—launched their latest campaign, Start Something!*

The idea is simple; USANA is encouraging its customers, Associates—and you—to start something, no matter how big or small. And show the world “what makes you feel alive, joyful, and motivated—and inspire those around you to take action.”

Embrace the Power to Own Your Life

Not sure where to start? That’s totally fine. Your only limitation is your imagination. Here are some ideas to get you thinking.

Start Something!

  • Simple: Small habits can make a big difference. Begin each day with a nutritional supplement. It’s something the whole family can get in on for long-term health. The time commitment is easy—just a couple seconds every morning, night, or whenever works best for you. Stick to it and together you’ll reap the benefits a multivitamin can make.
  • Active: Working out doesn’t have to be intimidating. Just find an activity you enjoy. It could be walking, weight training, biking, hiking, swimming—the choice is yours. Hit up a gym buddy—or get motivated with your favorite workout playlist—to shape a stronger body for the lifestyle you want.
  • With Confidence: Upgrade your routine with luxurious skincare to keep your body’s largest organ looking healthy and glowing. When you love the skin you’re in, you’ll greet each day with the confidence to make your mark.
  • For You: Love yourself inside and out—self-care is a must! Taking time to invest in yourself radiates to those around you. Start a self-care routine that matches the energy you want to put into the world.
  • Challenging: It’s time to push beyond your comfort zone. Go higher, farther, faster—you’ll be surprised what’s possible when you put your mind to it and fight for it.
  • Uncharted: Think of something you’ve always wanted to try. Pick up a new sport or hobby, take a class, or start a new chapter in life. You may find your new favorite thing.

Get Motivated

Goals are nothing without some inspiration to stay on track. The best motivation to see you through is knowing why you’re setting the goal. Once you land on your something to start, jot down the reasons you want to achieve it.

Perhaps it’s better health. For your family, your friends, or yourself. Maybe it’s financial. For your business or your mental health. Whatever your reasons, keep them somewhere you’ll see them as a daily reminder.

Short- and Long-Term Goals

Accomplish your ultimate goal by setting smaller goals. Instead of getting burned out focusing on the long-term, think of short-term goals as steppingstones to your final objective. If you’re writing the next great American novel, your short-term goal may be a daily word count. For a runner, it might be a 5K on your way to longer races and eventually a marathon. Perhaps you want to bag some major peaks—conquer some smaller mountains first as you work your way toward higher altitudes.

Achieving mini goals is a surefire way to get to where you want to be while minimizing burnout. And it keeps you encouraged with every win!

Make Sure to Measure

Whatever your goal, make sure it’s measurable. If you’re running more, track your miles. As you write a book, log your daily word count. Maybe you have a business and want to grow your sales, social media, or customer base—create a spreadsheet so you can visually see these numbers grow.

Tracking your goals helps you understand your progress through your journey—and it gives you something to look back on to admire how far you’ve come once you’ve crushed it.

Have Your Cake

Reaching a goal is its own reward. But don’t forget to reward yourself, too! Your hard work has paid off and celebration is a must. Throw a party, sit down with a book, enjoy a slice of cake, binge watch that new series, buy a new outfit, or go on the vacation you’ve been dreaming of. Not only is it fun, but it also gives you something to look forward to on the hard days when you’re in the thick of pursuing your dreams.

Your goals are possible. All you have to do is Start Something!