Interesting Places to Visit and Activities to Participate in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the most populous cities in the Netherlands and is a famous tourist destination. The city has a rich cultural legacy, and in this article, we will look at some of the intriguing sights and activities you may participate in if you come and join one of the numerous Amsterdam tours

  1. Admire street art.
  2. Bike tours with small groups.
  3. Open boat tours.
  4. Guided visit to the popular museums.
  5. Visit villages in Amsterdam.
  6. Visit the Botanical garden and zoo.  
  1. Admire street art – Amsterdam is well-known for its artistic and cultural diversity. When visiting the city, be sure to take advantage of the numerous tours available. For example, during a walking tour of the city, you may take your time admiring the city’s wonderful street art and graffiti. 
  2. Bike tours with small groups – If you love biking, you can join small groups going on private bike tours. This way you can visit various hot spots and see parts of the city most tourists barely get to explore. 
  3. Open boat tours – You may explore the city and the countryside by water with the boat trips. You will float across the city’s gorgeous canals, stopping anywhere you like. You may also bring your own food, listen to your own music, and enjoy floating while taking in the city’s stunning vistas. 
  4. Guided visit to the popular museums – If you enjoy the arts, you must see the Van Gogh Museum as well as the Rijksmuseum. This is one of the city’s most visited museums. Several museum tours are designed so that you may see the evolution of art in Europe, particularly Dutch art. 
  5. Visit the villages in Amsterdam – To truly immerse oneself in the culture of the city, explore the towns in and surrounding Amsterdam. The famous windmills in the water areas and Zaanse Schans are perfect for visiting. In the spring, you may even visit the lovely tulip fields near Bollenstreek. 
  6. Visit the Botanical garden and zoo – In your quest to enjoy Amsterdam, don’t forget to pay a visit to the Hortus Botanicus. It is one of the world’s oldest botanical gardens. It contains rare plants, trees, and exotic flowers. After the garden, you can visit Artis also known as Amsterdam Royal Zoo which is about a five-minute walk away from the garden and is filled with some exotic animals and an aquarium with a fascinating coral reef system. The zoo has been referred to as a world-class attraction. 

Enjoy Your Visit to Amsterdam

Listed in this article are some fun places which you can visit in Amsterdam. Most tours start from 20 euros. And there are tours in English and even Spanish. Amsterdam is a very beautiful city and you will no doubt have lots of fun exploring it. 

Do you have any recommendations for places to visit in Amsterdam? Please leave your suggestions in the comments section below.