After Seeing These Info-Packed Charts, I Can Now Sleep Better

For a truly glorious sleep time, consult these 17 amazingly informative sleep charts!

1. Depending on your age, these are the recommended hours of sleep.

sleep charts 1

National Sleep Foundation

2. Plan your sleep schedule around your stages of sleep.

sleep charts 2

Health Central

3. Sleep in a position that minimizes your chronic pain.

sleep charts 3



4. If counting sheep won’t do, try these tricks.

sleep charts 4


5. Do some yoga before shut eye.

sleep charts 5


6. Or some basic meditation.

sleep charts 6

Business Insider

7. Figure out a routine that works best for you.

sleep charts 7

Huffington Post

8. Don’t let these things sabotage your sleep time.

sleep charts 8

The Sleep Matters Club

9. If it’s too warm, these “cool off” tricks will certainly help.

sleep charts 9

The Sleep Matters Club

10. A warm shower helps you catch some glorious sleep time.

sleep charts 10


11. Your bedroom’s design matters.

sleep charts 11


12. Supplement your nightly rest with naps.

sleep charts 12

Total Beauty

13. Because napping is great!

sleep charts 13

Patio Productions

14. Figure out a routine that will actually have you enjoying your mornings.

sleep charts 14


15. Help your kids sleep better so you can sleep better, too!

sleep charts 15

Cleveland Clinic

16. Help someone fix their snoring.

sleep charts 16

The Sleep Matters Club

17. Figure out a couple-friendly sleep position that doesn’t interfere with anyone’s comfort.

sleep charts 17