10 Incredible Cities around World That Have Changed Beyond Recognition

The world around us is evolving so fast. Take for example these unbelievable cities from around world and the difference in just a few years these amazing places have evolved. Let us take you to a trip back in time to see how much our world around us has changed.


Singapore: The 1960s vs. now

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Hong Kong: The 1960s vs. the present

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Fortaleza, Brazil: 1980 vs. now

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Shanghai, China: 1990 vs. the present

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Toronto, Canada: 1930 vs. now

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Seoul, South Korea: 1950 vs. the present day

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Nairobi, Kenya: The 1960s and now

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Beijing, China: The 1940s vs. the present

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Melbourne, Australia: 1920 and today

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Dubai, UAE: The 1980s vs. today

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