Important Details Every Wine Lover Should Keep in Mind Before Traveling

Are you a wine lover who also enjoys traveling and exploring the world? You may be forced to come up with creative ideas to enjoy your wine while traveling. With wine, there is always a new detail to learn about.

Whether you fancy a bottle of Pinot Noir with your steak or the classic taste of Rose, here are a few important things to know before traveling.

1. Airline Etiquette

Proper airline etiquette will help you enjoy your wine with minimal mishaps. Always have bubble wrap when transporting wine. Swathe your bottles in layers of bubble wrap to keep them from breaking. The team at suggests the use of heavy clothing as an alternative to bubble wrap. The aim is to ensure that your bottles have a form of protection. If you are worried about the possibility of bottle breakage, try wrapping your bottles with diapers.

Note that there are restrictions to the amount of wine you can carry and its alcohol content. Usually, you may be able to take a maximum of five liters. It has to be in a sealable flask or bottle. Check the rules of your airline before traveling with wine.

If you plan on buying lots of wine, it makes more sense to have the winery ship it. Even though it will cost you a few extra dollars, you will have the assurance that it has been packed carefully.

2. Road Trip Tips

Even though wine is a great addition to any road trip, extremely high temperatures are bad for your wine. Ideally, wine should be stored at a temperature of 55-65 degrees F. Therefore, you must have a tip to keep your wine cool while on the road. It would be better to have your wine in the air-conditioned interior than in your trunk.

Having a cooler in your car will ensure that your wine retains its ideal temperature all through your trip. Use ice packs instead of loose ice. When you get to your destination, let the wine rest for a few days. The shaking on the road may cause bottle shock which alters the taste of wine. 

Place your wine bottles upside down or on the sides. The goal is to ensure that your corks don’t get too dry. If they do, they may let too much air in hence oxidizing your wine.

If you will be stopping overnight, take your wine bottles in with you. If you leave it in your car, the inconsistent temperatures could change the flavors of your wine

3. Chilling Tricks

White wine, dessert wine, and champagne taste better when chilled. Chilling brings out their flavors but it is easy to go overboard. Even though you may be tempted to enjoy your bottle right out of your fridge, it may be too cold resulting in poor flavors. Here are a few helpful tips for chilling your wine.

  •  Use wet towels to chill your champagne before putting it in the freezer for about ten minutes.
  • Add some salt to your ice bucket as it lowers the freezing point of the ice.

4. Consider the Time of the Year

If you are organizing a wine trip, think about the time of the year when you will be organizing your trip. The perfect trips depend on the seasons. Winery activities and sceneries are different at different times of the year. Learn about the patterns in your favorite wine destinations and make your travel plans around them. If, for example, you are keen on enjoying your wine as you walk through the beautiful green vines, it may be wise to visit in the summer or spring months. A winter trip would be better if you hope to enjoy your wine by the fireplace.

5. Consider the Type

If you have just been to a wine country, you may be tempted to travel back with all the wine you can find. However, it is important to be choosy. There are lots of limitations surrounding the packing and transportation of alcohol. It would be a waste to travel back with mediocre bottles. Even though you should pick options that match your preferences, it would be unwise to buy something that you can easily find at home. Local produce from the area you just visited may be an amazing idea for wine lovers. Alternatively, you can buy wines that aren’t available in your area.

When you travel, it is desired to take souvenirs. So you can turn your memories into beautiful wall art with wine and this moment in life will be with you forever.