How To Promote Your Freelance Services With Little Budget?

There are many benefits of going freelance in your chosen profession – from increased flexibility, freedom, independence, income and the ability to choose which clients you would like to work with.  You are able to manage your own workload and choose One aspect that many struggle with is marketing and promoting their services, and where to even begin. Here is a quick guide to promoting your services with a little budget. 

How to promote your freelance services with little budget? 

Launch a website 

Launching your own website is a great way to create a professional platform that clients can find and read about your services on. You can also create business cards to hand out to people, in which they could point to your website to increase traffic. We recommend creating a blog on your website, this way you are regularly publishing content but can also get paid for what you publish – it’s a win-win! 

Try cold emailing

Try to email any businesses that may benefit from your expertise or give them a call to see what they are currently using and if your services could help. This may be intimidating at first, but it can be a great way to create business relationships with clients, and get your name out there. 

Use social media to showcase your work

Try to use social media to showcase any of your products or results from treatments. This could be anything from a gorgeous new set of acrylic nails, to a handmade scarf. Make sure you use high quality pictures to give off the right impression.  Each social media has a clientele of its own, use Instagram to show off your work, whilst turn to Facebook to join communities of people who are interested in your services and products. 

According to Capital Hair and Beauty, the largest independent supplier to hair and beauty professionals in the UK, “Instagram is known as the place to showcase your work – for instance, the Highlights section is the perfect area for you to show your menu, actual treatments and price information, as it’s always at the top of your account page”. About Facebook, they say: “Facebook has long been known for its community groups and support; it’s a great place to ask questions of your peers. Facebook is the place to share your thoughts as well as your work”. 

Ask for referrals

Asking for referrals and testimonies is a great way to prove to clients that you can do what you say you can – and to a high standard. This will help encourage clients to book with you as you appear more reliable and trustworthy. Try to publish these across a range of platforms, including social media and your website so they are easy to find and read.

Ask friends and family to talk to their acquaintances about your services

Getting friends and family to speak to others about your services is a great way to get more attention to your brand. Whether  you be an independent mortgage advisor, or a freelance builder it always helps if you have been recommended through a friend – as they are more likely to believe that your service will be good and this can make them trust you more.