How To Perfectly Pair Your Wedding Ring to Your Engagement Ring

Jewelry preferences are subjective or objective and it does not come with any rule or traditional limits. The jewelry you wear is the window to your heart or the giver’s heart. Moreover, engagement rings and wedding rings need not to be perfectly matched with each other. However, it is more practical and wonderful if your engagement ring compliments with your wedding ring or vice versa. Since there are no restrictions with what you can or what you can’t do with your engagement and wedding rings, you can opt for any styling or conceptual associations with your wedding and engagement ring. However, it is undeniable that it feels more desirable to have your wedding band perfectly match your engagement ring. For a more fashionable and iconic pairing of wedding rings to your engagement ring, you can select the versatile pieces of designer wedding bands. 

Depending on your preference, you are free to choose whichever wedding bands that you can wear together with your engagement ring. As long as the wedding ring looks tantalizing to your eyes or if it makes your heart smile, you can definitely pair any of it with your engagement ring. In selecting the perfect designer wedding bands, there are several aspects that needs to be considered. The most important thing is that it makes you happy and satisfied. There is a vast option of wedding bands that may address your desires such as your preferences in color, thickness, shape, stone, carvings, and all other design aspects from a reputed Canadian jewelry. To perfectly match your wedding bands with your engagement ring, here are some tips and inspirations that may help you select the best wedding band for you and your partner. 

Know the types of wedding band or ring designs. There are classic, contoured, and embellished. Pairing suggestions include:

  1. Round cut stones are the most classic and timeless design for wedding rings or wedding bands that you can pair with any designs of your engagement ring. It complements all other metals, colors, stone shapes and cuts, or height thickness.
  2. Princess cut stones with all over the ring. A small princess cut stone makes everything more regal giving a truly enhancing approach and balanced visual effects between the wedding band and the engagement ring, 

3 Choose a wedding band with a recessed cushion cut stone. Cushion cut stone is a perfect stone cut for wedding bands because of its soft and gentle appeal complementing any design of your engagement ring. 

Your engagement ring is a very memorable piece of treasure, you may not want to overpower it with your wedding band. If you like to make your engagement ring more attractive, choose a wedding band that has a simple cut and finish, a rounded and smooth surfaced wedding band with thick height dimension will perfectly enhance an engagement ring with a small centerpiece without stone embellishments all over the ring. If your engagement ring has a narrow ring with a bigger stone centerpiece, you can opt for a wedding band design that also has a narrow thickness height. Even wedding band designs with a carved shape or carved surface will do. Make sure that the thickness height is not more than the thickness height of your engagement ring. 

In choosing which metal your wedding band should be of, choose the same metal material which your engagement ring is made of. Wedding bands and engagement rings made from the same metal will look like they are custom made and personalized giving a more elegant and expensive appeal. On the other hand, if you want to be more creative and bold, you can select two different metals but make sure that the tones of the two different metals are not in contrast with each other. The shape and carving of the ring still plays a great role in choosing the metal and metal tones of the wedding bands. For example, if you have a yellow gold or Chinese gold engagement ring, you can choose a wedding band in rose gold or champagne gold. On the other hand, if you have a white gold engagement ring, opt for yellow gold that have a lighter shade such as Italian gold. But if you can find a wedding band that has a versatile shape and comes in 3-tones of yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold, you are lucky enough.