How to Find a Friendship That Will Last a Lifetime

Whenever anyone thinks about close friends, the typical thing they think about is a close friendship that will last a lifetime. Sometimes, people just want friends and don’t really care how strong their bond is. Other times, people want friends who will be there for them during hardships and can trust each other with anything.

Everyday advice columns often tell their readers to become involved in clubs and get to know the members of the club better because those relationships are easier to maintain than regular friendships. However, finding friendships like this isn’t always easy; not everyone goes to school where all of the students already know each other or belong to one big group together. Sometimes looking for such friendships requires more work than others do…but with the right amount of time and effort, finding that special someone can be very rewarding.

With this guide, readers are encouraged to do various activities that will help them find said friendships. Examples include cooking together, reading together, watching television together, playing games together, working out with each other at the gym, etc. With these activities in mind, there are bound to be some friends who will stick around for more than a fleeting moment of happiness or sadness because strong bonds are built through spending time with one another–the trick is to put forth enough effort but not too much effort so as to make things tedious…just enough effort!

Nurture Healthy Communication

It may seem old-fashioned, but face-to-face communication with friends is the best way to make sure they are who you think they are. If your family lives close by, invite them over for dinner. This is also a good time to bring up that you’re thinking about starting college or getting a job. They’ll probably be excited with whatever news you share, and it will provide an opportunity for them to open up too if they feel like it.

Whether having your family over for dinner or meeting someone online, the key is discussing what you want out of life and finding people who have compatible values in friendship. It doesn’t matter so much whether they can help you reach your goals directly, but whether their company will reliably put positive energy into your life.

While meeting up to handle the logistics of schedules and expectations for friendship, look your potential friend in the eyes and listen to their voice. It is often through the first few words you exchange that build an unexplainable connection with someone you meet or interact with for the first time. If you get a sense that they’re trying to hide something, this could be a sign that they aren’t ready for deeper levels of intimacy, or it could simply indicate that there’s something bothering them. These things will become apparent over time if you stick with each other, but this is also a good reason not to make any major life decisions based solely on someone’s assurance that they’ll always be there for you. You can resolve these doubts by bringing them up in subsequent conversations when the stakes are less high but don’t forget from whence they sprang.

It may feel strange to address the issue of loyalty in friendship, but it’s only with trust that you can grow together. If your friend is practicing any kind of deceit in front of you, this will eventually show through in other aspects of their life. The more years you spend with them, the more opportunities they have to disappoint you. Sometimes people are just shy or socially awkward, so don’t worry too much about small mistakes early on.

Cooking Together

People have been bonding over food since the beginning of humankind; it brings people together, even if the only thing they have in common is their love for food. Cooking can seem like a daunting task (especially to those who are inexperienced) but, really, it’s about sharing an experience together and learning how to work with each other to make something great. Also, you will find that food tastes better and meals become more enjoyable when shared with friends.

Reading Together

Reading can be enjoyed on its own; sitting down with a good book, getting comfortable with the setting around you, losing track of time as you immerse yourself into another world that was created by someone else…what could be more fun than that? But what some people may not know is how rewarding it is when others join them in their reading adventure–it combines both readings on your own and having someone there to discuss the interesting parts or what could happen next.

Watching Television Together

Television is another form of entertainment that has been around for a long time; there are good shows out there that are still airing today, canceled shows that can be watched on Netflix, and new shows to make their debut soon enough. The idea of watching television with someone else is to enjoy yourself by having fun or being engrossed in the show you’re currently watching…what makes it more rewarding is when you have someone who enjoys the same show as you do.

Playing Games Together

Some people may not understand why playing games together can lead to friends for life! Video games don’t have any deep meaning behind them nor do they teach important lessons unlike other forms of media. But video games are still a form of entertainment and can be enjoyed with others. With regards to tabletop games, there’s something fun about getting together with friends and experiencing all the different stories these board games have to offer!

Working Out Together at the Gym

Working out at the gym is one way to stay healthy but it can also lead you to meet new people who share similar interests as you do–some may play sports, some may enjoy going outdoors, but either way working out at the gym is a great start for becoming better acquainted with someone else. Who knows? Maybe that person who simply waves hello would turn into someone who could become your closest friend in life!

Now that you know how important it is to find people with who you can enjoy these activities, it’s time to get started! Start cooking with someone right now; join a book club this week; go to the gym with someone you know or make new friends at the gym. You never know where your next friendship is going to come from…just make sure that when the opportunity presents itself, grab it and don’t let go because friendships like these are hard to find in life. And who knows? Maybe one day you will discover that they’re more than just friends after all…