How To Choose The Right Type Of Balloons For Your Event

The easiest and most affordable way to decorate a holiday is to hang balloons indoors. Such decor is always appropriate: at a wedding, birthday, graduation, corporate party, or thematic evening, as an advertisement. But how to make the decoration remain presentable throughout the holiday? How to choose the right composition according to the theme of the event? Perhaps our advice will help answer these questions. You can get extremely popular 36-inch balloons at Balloons.Online. So, let’s proceed to our tips.

Tip 1: How the season affects balls

Ultraviolet rays do not positively affect the ball’s surface, which leads to premature loss of shape. And while you may not worry about your decor in winter, the summer heat can spoil all the decorations. This is especially true for situations where balls are located outside.

What to do:

  • choose balloons of light shades; then they will reflect light;
  • Hi-Float impregnation will help to prolong the volatility effect.

Tip 2: Is it worth buying balloons in advance?

If you buy balloons too early, they may literally die before the holiday. Firstly, it is not so easy to follow all precautions, especially if there are children and pets in the house. Secondly, latex depends on the temperature regime, so what will not burst will be blown away before the holiday.

Tip 3: Temperature effect

Temperature changes are destructive not only for latex but also for helium. This substance simply loses its original volume under such conditions, which leads to a loss of the shape of the balloon.

Tip 4: Foil or latex balls

It is necessary to choose such a decor depending on your expectations. If it is enough for products to retain their appearance during the holiday, both types of material will suit. When you want to maintain the volatile effect for a long time, it is better to buy foil balls.

Tip 5: Balls with a pattern

Drawings on balloons look spectacular and will immediately stand out. However, such balloons are not always appropriate. For example, if you decide to decorate the room with balls hovering under the ceiling, the drawing on them will simply be invisible.

Tip 6: How else can you use balls?

With the help of a helium ball, you can not only decorate the room but also make it part of the entertainment program:

  • Connect a gift box to one or more balls and place the composition in a large box. When the birthday person opens it, a ball with your present will fly out. But note that one helium ball can withstand about 1.5 g of cargo. In cases where the gift is too heavy, it is enough to place it in a box together with helium balls without connecting it together. Then when opened, the balls will fly up.
  • When decorating the wedding hall, you can place one large balloon under the ceiling. You can put confetti inside, or rose petals, or feathers. During the dance of the bride and groom, the ball bursts, and its contents fall beautifully to the floor.
  • Instead of launching flying lanterns, you can put glowing helium balls into the sky. They definitely won’t cause a fire.

Tip 7: How to make a ball more durable

To do this, inflate it, then release the air volume by 10%. Then latex will become elastic and durable.

Tip 8: Where to fix foil balls

When exposed to moisture and high temperature, the paint on the balloon begins to interact with the objects it touches. For example, you can spoil the wall covering. To avoid this, try to arrange them so that they do not come into contact with other objects.

Tip 9: Is helium dangerous?

Helium is an inert gas that does not react with other substances. After entering the human body, it is immediately excreted from the body without residue.

So, choose the right products for yourself and let your celebration be maximally enjoyable!