How do specify DIN Rail Enclosures?

What is DIN rail?

DIN rail is a mechanical structure that is used to support different types of electrical pieces of equipment and components. Products that use a DIN rail as a support structure are terminal blocks, motor controllers, circuit breakers, relays, etc. These types of components need strong mechanical support to work efficiently and to remain in one place to function properly. These components are hard to mount or install directly on the wall or in the electrical panel. So DIN rail is designed to mount these components.

DIN rails are designed in some specified shapes depending upon their uses and are categorized as top hat rails, C rails, Grails, and mini top hat rails.

Modular DIN rail products:

Modular DIN rail products are designed with the aim of providing the consumer with the benefit of large current flow with small installation charges and less work burden. The consumer gets more and more choices in modular DIN rail products as they including MCB, RCCB, SPD, RCBO, consumer units, accessories, and many more. Modular DIN rail products are made with complete accessories and help customers to achieve the needs they desiring for.

When it comes to specifying DIN rail enclosures then you should keep some of the questions in your mind and find the appropriate answers for them. The most important things to keep in your mind while specifying the enclosures:

  • Type of DIN rail: The type of DIN rail that you are using while your installations are the most important thing to consider. It totally depends upon what type of installation you are going for. Whether it is for domestic, industry, or commercial.
  • Space: The space you need for the installation of the DIN is the second important thing you need to be focused on. It totally depends upon the module you choose. There are various types of modules available for both wide as well as small installation. Wide installation is mostly done in industries where more current rate and electricity is required. If you are getting it done for domestic use only then you can go for the small ones that cover very small areas.
  • Type of data and power connectors: Before installing the components it is necessary to decide the size of the enclosures. Enclosures come in various sizes from 2 to 12 in both the RAILTEC-C range and B range but the most popular ones are 2, 3, 6, and 9. The type of connector you will be installing also gives a great influence. There are different types of connectors such as PCB terminal blocks, plug headers, D-SUB connectors, front connectors, KNX connectors, etc.
  • Ventilation: For the safe use of the enclosure, ventilation is important. Many customers ask the question of whether ventilation is needed for the enclosures or not. It depends upon the type of enclosure. RAILTEC B enclosures can be set down with ventilation as well as without ventilation slots because it allows the air to pass vertically through the enclosure. RAILTEC-C comes with the option of either one side open or you can choose for two sides open.
  • Visibility: Visibility comes at the end of the installation when it comes to the protection of the enclosure and the display of the enclosure. For display visibility, there are options like front lids and panels that can be used for both protection as well as visibility. Other options that are famous are red-colored transparent panels and lids and smoked glass panels.
  • Modifications: When it comes to modifications, there are many options. The most used options are painting, machining, and digital printing. Labeling or printing is the better options to be considered as they are easier and cost-effective and can be done quicker than that of traditional silk screen methods. There is a variety of range for the custom colors and these also help in the installation process and maintenance.

Final words:

Above is all the information mentioned that is necessary for the consumer to know about the DIN rail enclosures and also some for the products. Before choosing an enclosure, you need to specify some of the most important things, and here is the guide that covers almost all the points that one needs to get focus on.