How Did Jared Leto Get Ripped?

If you thought acting and film making was all about pretending to look and be cool, you should follow the life and works of the super famous and trending Jared Leto. Here is a man who believes not in portraying characters, but becoming them. 

So what is it that keeps him looking his absolute best at all times? Read on to find out the health and lifestyle secrets of this star that seems to have it all.


Jared Leto swears by the habit of being consistently disciplined. This is the corner stone to his drastic physical transformations which often keep him in the limelight. Gaining pounds swiftly and then dropping them to return to his normal ripped state need laser like focus. 

Eating healthy while still giving himself breaks in the middle, hitting the gym consistently, while keeping some rest days in between to help his body repair and replenish, are some of the ways in which the actor tries to strike a healthy balance between his passion for facing the camera and leading a life that does not take a toll on his mental health.

Discipline is all about consistency and repition. Leto spends five days a week at the gym, in addition to sticking to a predominantly plant based diet. 


Jared hits the gym five days a week all through the year. Split workouts, multi joint exercises and fat busting supersets are what make his rigrous routines effective.

Typically, he would do a warm up, training for a particular muscle group, core work out and some cooling down exercises. Each segment might involve around 5 – 7 exercises, sometimes more if he is aming for a particular look.

His warm – ups are pretty simple, a few push ups, pull ups, cycling or other light exercises to get himself into the zone and prepare his body for the onslaught of pressure that is coming it’s way.

Leg lifts, V – ups, half crunches and abdominal exercises are what constitute his core workout. 

In addition to these, he focuses on training a particular muscle group on a day, like biceps, back, shoulders, etc.

His idea behind following this gruelling physical routine is to boost his metabolism, help him gain muscle bulk and push his overall strength in the upward direction.


Leto gives immense credit to yoga for keeping him in an evergreen fit state of body and mind. He uses his post work out time to practice stretches and poses that keep him both flexible and full of energy. 

Systematic stretching, controlled and effective poses and appropriate breathing patterns are something that he tends to focus on to ensure that the sessions strike a healthy balance between stimulating his mind and helping his body recover from the workout.

Low – impact exercise and asanas ensure that his joints are sufficiently strained to maintain mobility. A myriad of yoga poses and stretches take credit for muscle and joint relaxation, while a more centered approach at slower pace helps in calming the mind after an intense work out.


Jared practices a sweat generating and fat busting calistenics routine, a minimum of twice a week. 

Cycling, trekking, rock climbing and spending time on the treadmill are roumered to be some of his favourites.

Since he is an outdoorsy person, surfing and playing tennis are some other activities that he can look forward to on his Cardio day.

If sources are to be believed, he clocks a record breaking 10,000 steps on a daily basis and cycles 10 miles once a week.

These aerobic activities ensure improved blood and oxygen flow both to the heart and the other parts of the body. They also help keep cholesterol and triglyceride levels in check and strengthens the immune system.

Strength Training

Bodybuilding is a huge part of Jared Leto’s fitness regime. Building up the bulk of your muscle is always helpful when you’re looking to keep shredded.

High intensity weight training programs appear in the actor’s gym routine no less than three times in a week. His weight lifting routines include the three usual major categories, that are, chest and triceps, shoulders and legs, back and biceps. 

The strategic positioning of supersets among the others helps him push boundaries and boost his metabolism while still providing plenty of sustained pressure on individual muscle groups to ensure muscular growth in tissues.


Jared Leto’s diet is the perfect accompaniment to his rigrous gym routine. We already know that he prefers plant based food and insits on healthy, organic ingredients to constitute his daily meals.

He also limits his portions and preffers to have smaller meals every two hours. This keeps his digestive system in top shape and provides him with a constant supply of energy to get through his gruelling workouts and hectic shooting schedules.

Jared has given much credit to his decision to go vegan, something that he did while he was still a teen. Hence, he has thrived on a diet rich in good fats and naturally sourced ingredients. 

He also insists that all the proteins he consumes be sourced from plants and not meat. He also completely bans any kind of intoxicating products, like alcohol, drugs, etc from his diet. 


Mindfullness and regular short spans of guided meditation also help Jared to keep up his ripped state. It might seem strange, but the actor swears that you need your mind as much as your body to get into shape. 

In addition, sticking to a strict sleep schedule gives the actor much needed rest and has set up a sleep pattern for him that is enviable.

Wrapping Up

There is much to learn from this Hollywood A – lister who seems to be striking the perfect work life balance. Be it his diet, his routine in the gym or his approach to a healthy lifestyle, everything seems to be on track. So try to pick up as many tips as you can.