Hiring a Roofing Company: Essential Questions to Ask Before You Sign

The roof over your head, quite literally, is a critical component of your home’s infrastructure. It safeguards your belongings, offers insulation, and most importantly, provides security for you and your loved ones. Given its significance, it’s paramount that when you’re hiring a roofing company, you make an informed decision. To ensure you secure the best professionals for the job, here are some essential questions to ask before putting pen to paper.

1. Are You Licensed and Insured?

The very first thing you need to check is the company’s credentials. Make sure they are both licensed and insured. A licensed company will adhere to the building codes and regulations in your area. Additionally, ensure they possess both liability and workers’ compensation insurance. This shields you from unexpected liabilities should any mishaps occur during the project. For local homeowners in Springfield, considering a reputable service like Ohm Restoration can make all the difference.

2. How Experienced Are You?

Understanding a company’s reputation and experience is vital. Delve into their years in business, customer reviews, and any awards or recognitions they’ve acquired. A roofing company’s portfolio can be indicative of the quality of work they offer.

3. Can You Provide a Detailed Estimate?

Costs and budgets play a decisive role in any renovation or repair project. Always ask for a comprehensive estimate that details materials, labor, and other potential charges. This not only helps you budget but also wards off hidden costs.

4. What Type of Roofing Materials Do You Recommend?

From asphalt shingles and metal to slate and tile, there’s a plethora of roofing materials available. Given the variety and the unique qualities of each—from longevity and durability to energy efficiency—it’s crucial to consult your contractor about the best fit for your home.

5. How Will You Handle Adverse Weather Conditions?

Roofing jobs are outdoors and, consequently, susceptible to weather conditions. A competent roofing company will have protocols for potential weather-related delays and should be well-versed with the local weather patterns, ensuring quality work regardless of Mother Nature’s plans.

6. What Safety Measures Do You Implement?

Ensuring the safety of both the workers and your property is paramount. The company should adhere to OSHA standards, using safety gear like scaffolding and fall arrest systems.

7. What’s the Project Timeline?

A clear understanding of the project’s milestones—from inspection and preparation to installation and cleanup—can save you a lot of future hassle. Ensure the company provides a clear timeline and stays communicative throughout the process.

8. How Do You Handle Post-Installation Maintenance?

A roof is not a one-time investment. It requires regular care to maintain its longevity and efficiency. Engage with your potential roofing company about their post-installation services, including cleaning, inspection schedules, and long-term care advice.

9. Do You Offer a Written Contract and Warranty?

Never proceed with verbal agreements. Always demand a written contract detailing the terms, conditions, and the specifics of the project. Similarly, understanding the duration and coverage of the warranty (for both workmanship and materials) is essential to avoid future surprises.

10. Can You Provide References?

Testimonials on a website are great, but personal references or case studies provide a more in-depth insight into a company’s quality of work and professionalism. Always ask for and check these references.


Embarking on a roofing project is a significant investment, both in terms of time and money. Therefore, it’s vital to ensure you’re partnering with the right professionals. By posing the above questions and keeping the importance of working with a qualified contractor and the long term benefits of a professionally installed roof in mind, you’re not just safeguarding your home but also ensuring peace of mind for years to come.