Dogs Trying To Explain The Crime They’ve Just Committed And It’s Hilarious

We love our dogs but they can be a pain in the butt “sometimes”. Their curiosity, together with their playful nature is a head-scratching combo that’ll surely result in a mess. We’ll get mad of course, but who can stay angry at those adorable faces?

Take for instance these 14 dogs who were shamed by their owners for their hilariously naughty antics. I can’t help but giggle at their guilty faces. Enjoy!

1. Aww, so he was only looking after his family.

dog shaming 1

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2. And she doesn’t seem guilty at all.

dog shaming 2

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3. Spongebob may have to live with Patrick for a while.

dog shaming 3

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4. Now that’s why you don’t leave your dog behind when you travel. Haha!

dog shaming 4

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5. He mistook it for stick. LOL!

dog shaming 5

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6. Uh-oh

dog shaming 6

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7. I bet there’ll be no pupcakes for a while for this guy.

dog shaming 7

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8. Understandable. No one likes to diet.

dog shaming 8

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9. Honest mistake

dog shaming 9

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dog shaming 10

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11. Not every dog is a guard dog, people!

dog shaming 12

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12. He probably did.

dog shaming 13

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13. Well that’s awkward

dog shaming 14

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14. Naughty, naughty dog!

dog shaming 15

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15. Don’t be agree with me, please?!