Inventor Creates High Voltage Ejector Bed Perfect For People Who Don’t Want to Oversleep

For many people, waking up in the morning and actually getting out of bed are the toughest. We put those off for as long as we can which I’m guessing is why alarm clocks have snooze buttons. Whoever thought of that… thank you!

But since punctuality is an important work and social ethic, we really need the extra “push” to get up and get moving. Mad (and by that I mean brilliant) engineer Colin Furze has come up with a new invention that is both clever and insane. When it’s wakey wakey eggs and bakey time, his ‘High Voltage Ejector Bed’ won’t only push you to get up, it will literally throw you out of bed to the sound of ringing bells and car horns. An innovative adjustable bed frame has been designed to provide a unique waking experience for those who prefer not to oversleep. Take a look!

As is customary with this British inventor’s crazy creations, Furze’s ejector bed was assembled mostly in his garage.

ejector bed (1)



An ordinary domestic compressor powers the home-made pistons that throw you out of bed. And no, it won’t take “5 more minutes” for an answer.
ejector bed (3)

You can even set it to MAX power for the maximum effect.

ejector bed (1)

How’s this for jump starting your day?

ejector bed (2)

More of this insane invention? Check out this video!


Credit: Colin Furze │ Via Bored Panda