Handy Tips For a Single Gay Parent

Being a single parent is no easy task, especially when you’re a gay man. There’s this pressure on you to be everything for your child. Sometimes that can get overwhelming, and you may forget the most important person – YOU! Grab a cup of tea or coffee, and read these handy tips:

Maintain Open Communication

As a single gay parent, it’s important to maintain open communication with your kid. You want them to feel comfortable talking about anything, whether it’s their day at school or how they feel about you dating someone new. Here are some pointers for keeping the lines of communication open.

Make sure they know they can talk to you about anything. If they have something on their mind, encourage them to bring it up so that you can discuss it together. Encourage questions and active listening by asking open-ended questions like “How did that make you feel?” or “Why do you think that happened?” This helps your child learn how to express themselves effectively.

Set aside time each week where you just talk without distractions or interruptions, so they don’t feel rushed or pressured into spilling their guts right away if they don’t want to! Let them know that this time is just for them to share anything bothering them – no matter how big or small!

Join a Gay Social Community to Share Tips

If you’re a single gay parent, it’s important to have friends who understand your situation. You should join a social community dedicated to helping single gay parents. The members can provide advice on handling certain situations, including how to deal with your ex-partner or parents. These communities also offer support when dealing with legal issues related to being a single parent. Going through a hearing for child custody in a gay divorce can get messy, and these groups can offer much-needed help.

Keep a Schedule

If you’re a single gay parent, you can take better care of your kid if you keep a schedule. It’s easy to forget certain appointments or school tests. It’ll be difficult to keep up without a schedule, and important milestones or appointments may be missed.

Give Yourself Me Time

Being a single parent can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life, but it also takes a lot out of you. It’s important to take time for yourself to keep up with the demands of parenting and still maintain your own identity. Here are some tips for setting aside time just for you:

  • Plan ahead: You can’t expect to have time for yourself if you don’t plan it into your schedule. Schedule time on your calendar to do something fun or relaxing, and stick to it! Even if it’s only an hour or two, knowing that you have this time set aside will help you feel more relaxed about taking care of other things in your life.
  • Prioritize what matters most: If something important comes up at work or home and conflicts with your scheduled ‘me’ time, don’t hesitate to say no or reschedule! You need this time just as much as anyone else does, so don’t let anyone take it from you without a fight (even if they’re family).

Always be Honest

As a single gay parent, you’ll have to make many decisions independently. That’s why it’s important to always be honest with yourself and your child. You need to know what you want and why you want it and ensure that your child knows that.

Honesty is vital in parenting because it allows you to set up boundaries for your child respectfully and honestly. If you don’t tell them where they stand, they won’t know how far they can go or what they should expect from others. Also, if there’s one thing single gay parents need more than anything else, it’s respect from the people around them!


If you’re a single parent, it’s not your fault, and it’s not your child’s fault. Raising a child as a single parent is incredibly difficult. However, following our tips listed above, parenting as a single gay parent will be slightly easier for you and your kid(s).