Grum VS. Aigrow – What’s A Better Instagram Scheduler?

A good scheduler can take away a lot of tedious work that you have to do. They post the content on your behalf. This prevents you from having to spend a lot of time on your phone trying to post content at the right time. Grum and Aigrow are often seen as some of the best sites to gain followers on instagram. Using their paid tools will help you get followers. They provide followers indirectly to your account. Both of these tools will help you gain engagement on Instagram and boost your reach. In this article, we have compared both of them in an attempt to help you choose the best one for your needs.


1. Aigrow

Aigrow offers a powerful scheduler to its clients and one of the best sites to gain Instagram likes. A scheduler helps you to plan posts for your Instagram account. Using their tool you can plan your entire post. Upload the picture you want to be posted along with the caption. This tool automates the process of posting your Instagram post. Posting can become very tedious and this tool takes away that problem. The company has ensured that you do not miss out on any features while posting through their tool. You can add hashtags and locations to your posts in advance. You can search for popular hashtags on their tool and apply those to your posts. You have to enter the date and time of posting. The tool posts at the time entered by you without the need for any manual intervention. A cool feature of this tool is that you can schedule the same post to be uploaded on multiple accounts with just a click. 

2. Grum

Grum is one of the simplest Instagram schedulers out there which helps you to gain engagement on Instagram. It has a clean user interface. It only provides the necessary data. They tend to keep everything on their platform as simple as possible. Due to its simplicity, it has become very popular among all of the schedulers. When you open the tool just click on the timeline page. Following which you will be able to schedule your posts. The process is quite straightforward. You can add captions as well as hashtags. These hashtags are added to the first comment of your posts. You can add a maximum of 30 hashtags per post. In the scheduled section of their website, you will find the option to edit the scheduled posts you have created.


1. Aigrow

Aigrow can be accessed by anyone on the internet. I+you just have to visit their website and sign up with them. You will be taken to a registration page where you have to create an account with them. Using this account you can use the free features and buy a package to access the paid software. 

2. Grum

Grum on the other hand cannot be accessed by everyone. You cannot go to their website, create an account and use their tools. They claim that they have a huge load on their servers and thus cannot accommodate all new users. To get access to their tools you need to create an account. You can only create an account if you have a coupon code. This code can be obtained from someone who is already using their platform. If you do not have a coupon code from an existing user,l you will not be able to open an account with them. 


1. Aigrow

Aigrow is packed with features. They are one of the best sites to buy Instagram followers as their tools help you gain a lot of followers. Their Instagram management features have simplified Instagram growth. You have an account manager who spends time on your account to help it grow. They bring people who are interested in your content to your account and they end up following you. All of the interactions you had to make to gain engagement are automated with the help of their tools. You can create an all-in-one bio link. This tool allows you to add the links of all of your accounts into a single link. This is useful as a link on your bio will help followers visit your website and other social media accounts. They provide detailed analytics about your account as well. You will have access to all of the key data that is organized in the most convenient form. Apart from this, you get features like Post and Reward and Desktop Inbox. 

2. Grum

Grum has restricted itself to Instagram scheduling. It does not have any fancy analytical tools or additional features. You can post content in bulk using its scheduler but that is about it. It focuses on perfecting its scheduler without adding any additional features.


1. Aigrow

Aigrow has a huge list of packages they offer to their clients. They offer a free trial for 5 days to all customers. You can either purchase tools individually or in bulk. Their plans for schedulers begin at $7 per month and go as high as $ 39 per month. 

2. Grum

Grum offers a free trial. This lasts for 3 days and you get access to the scheduler. Their paid packages start at $9.95 per month. This gives you access to 2 Instagram accounts to be used and unlimited editors. With the increase in the number of accounts, you add the pricing increases. You can get 3-5 accounts for $3.95/mo. per account and $2.95/mo. per account for more than 5 accounts. 


Both of these tools do a fine job of helping you gain engagement on Instagram. Grum is a simple scheduler that does the job without any issues. It is a cheap option if all you want is just a scheduler. Aigrow is the more premium option but it justifies the price point. You get access to a great scheduler along with multiple additional features that help you grow on Instagram.

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