25 Rare Photos from History That Will Make You Think

Our latest round of some of most interesting photos in the past…

Great Sale in 1855

“We Wash for White People Only” – Birmingham, Alabama, 1951

20th Armored Division Returning Home (August 6th, 1945)

Francois Duvalier carrying gun as he rides through Port Au Prince streets (1963)

A blue whale lies on the flensing platform at the Grytviken whaling station on the British island of South Georgia near Antarctica (1917)


A group of women wearing dresses representing flags of the Allied powers ( the USA, France, Britain and the Soviet Union) outside the Eglise de la Madeleine on VE Day in Paris, 8th May 1945

A member of the Scottish National Antarctic Expedition plays the bagpipes for an indifferent penguin, 1904

A woman grabs the matches from a Buddhist nun who had drenched herself in gasoline and was attempting to set fire to herself. Pagoda Park. South Korea (1963)

Anna Vyrobova, Rasputin and Lili Dehn.

Arranging dinner. German troops herd pigs in a occupied Russian village

Artist Feliks Topolski among ruins of Warsaw, Poland, late 1940s

David Lees. Rachel Mussoloni at the family cemetery, 1970s

George Rodger. Reading casualty lists at Coventry, 1940

Adenauer returned to Cologne after he negotiated the release of the last 10,000 war prisoners with the Soviet government, 1955

John Gutmann. Thanksgiving Service, Camp Roberts, California, 1942

A young woman photographed two days after the British entered Stalag 11B near Fallingbostel, the first POW camp to be liberated; her. face still bearing the scars of a beating by the SS guards

Hiroshi Hamaya. Prime minister Zhou Enlai and President Mao Tsedong, 1956

In the 1950s, competition among pharmaceutical firms boosted amphetamine consu.mption dramatically, after expiration of the Alles and Smith, Kline and French patent in 1949

People mill around the doorway to a cabaret show in Germany (c.1925)

Nazi soldiers hoist the swastika over the Athens Acropolis, 1941

Horst Faas. South Vietnamese troops with elephants on patrol (1964)

Potsdam, Germany, 1945 Potsdam Conference

Protesters , Ireland’s “Bloody Sunday”, January 30th 1972

People packing Christmas gifts for the U.S.S. Jason which sailed from New York on November 14, 1914 carrying about 6 million gifts for the children of Europe who were affected by World War I

Portrait of Greek revolutionary Pavlos Nerantzis, Perdikas, early 20th century