Great Activities to do with Bored Kids During the Winter

Is your wife working all day? Are you stuck at home with your children on a rainy cold day, not sure what to do with them? Is your husband hard at work and you got to entertain your little ones, but you just ran out of ideas? Here are some simple ways to keep your kids busy all day long.

Breakfast Served in Style

Start the day off with a grand breakfast spread. This can be a fun activity to prepare and great way to start off your day.  There are plenty of delicious and easy ideas. Prepare plain pancakes in advance and decorate or top them with all sort of toppings to please everyone’s taste buds. You can make cute faces out of bread sandwiches by cutting up an array of vegetables and spreads to use as the “glue”. Cereal guessing game can be fun too – you need a few types of cereals and a blindfold eye mask. Blindfold one family member and have another person feeding them a mystery cereal. Let them see if they can guess what cereal they are being spoon fed.  Take turns between family members and have fun. Bon appetite!

Spotlight on You

Are you tired before the day even starts? This is a great activity then. Have your little ones surprise you with making you a show! What fun – give the kids some old clothing and accessories as dress up clothing. If you have any old uniforms from various jobs like some old men’s scrub tops or women’s waitress uniforms; children tend to love that. In addition, give them a few toys and props to get them started. Let their imaginations go wild and give them the freedom to decide their own play script. Make up a time for when you should be ready for the show. Sit back and enjoy the rest of your day and wat your children perform! 


Kids love puzzles, especially when the final picture is something meaningful and an image they recognize! Try creating your own by cutting up a photo of your family or your favorite scenery. It makes it all more exciting. You can also get a big oaktag in your local crafts store and have the children color and decorate. Cut up the oaktag to make for the most personalized and fun puzzle.

Dance the Day Away

Your little ones need to let their energy being cooped up all day at home! Try plain old dancing. Turn on the volume up and play your favorite song album. You can even invest in a cheap disco light speaker. It will transform the playroom to a magical place! You can alternate between the latest song hits and exercise friendly songs. Do it along with them or watch, but beware when they beg you for a nap ?


Start with finding an easy one bowl cookie recipe. Place a big bowl on the table and take turns between your kids putting in the ingredients and mixing the batter. Have them wash their hand and let them each shape and mold their own cookies.  If you use a basic vanilla cookie then the options are a bit more. The best part is getting to eat them once done!

So now that you have a few ideas laid out for you, see what you think will work for you based on your family dynamics. Of course, you can tweak them to you and your children’s liking. Have fun keeping them busy! Good Luck!