Families Can Now Get This ‘Granny Pod’ For Their Elderly Family Members . This Is A Brilliant Idea!


We want to take good care of our family, especially our elderly family members. But to some people sharing a home with an old aunt or grandma can be stressful, while a nursing home also doesn’t feel right. Thanks to MedCottages, a great solution is out there to help families take care of their loved ones.

I really love the idea of having our loved one close, with their own comfortable space. Invented by Reverend Ken Dupin, the “Granny Pods” can be set up conveniently in your backyard, and plug right up one’s existing plumbing and electrical. It allows both caregiver and senior to have their own space while still remaining connected.


The 12*24 pods are specially designed with the safety and convenience of a senior in mind. They come with a small kitchen, bedroom, and handicap-accessible bathroom built to safely house a senior. The bathrooms are designed with railing and other safety features.



The kitchen is equipped with a refrigerator, microwave, and a pill dispenser. Everything is specifically well-placed and easy to reach.


The built-in safety features for these pods are simply amazing. They come with monitoring webcams and a padded floor to safeguard those joints! And they protect older family members from a fall. Goes without saying, you can be comfortable having grandma or aunt spending time in these homes.


These pods are also equipped with high-tech video, text cell technology, and small robotic features for monitoring vital signs. They can also filter the air for contaminants and send alerts reminding when to take medication. In case of emergency, the pod has an alert system to notify caregivers immediately. Talk about high tech living!


The “Granny Pods” comes with three models to choose from, so you’re sure to pick the right one for your loved one. Knowing that your elderly family member having a safe, convenient space to live that is close by is absolutely worth it.

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For more infor, you can check them out at their website MedCottages.