Getting a New Air Conditioner for an Office Space? Here’s What You Need to Determine First

The average employee spends 40 hours a week at work. That’s 8 hours of every day. One of the things they are most likely to cite as unpleasant about their work environment is the temperature. It’s either too hot or too cold.

Installing the right air conditioning unit will help to make their work lives that much more pleasant and will also save you time and money in the long run. You won’t spend time making expensive recalibrations to a unit, or replacing it entirely because you would have selected the right one from your office space from the beginning. To do so, here are some facts you should consider.

The Size Of The Area That Needs To Be Cooled

Cost and features are usually the primary factors in selecting an AC unit for an office. Before tallying up the cost or ticking off a list of features, measure the size of the room you want to keep cool. There is a formula for doing this. Measure the area of the room and multiply that by 25 BTU (British Thermal Units). This should give you the minimum BTU of the unit you should install in this room. Keep in mind that this requirement could actually be higher depending on several other factors. For example, if the room is in a sunny area or is a kitchen.

How Many People Will Be Using The Room

The general rule of thumb is, the higher the number of people in the room, the higher the BTU requirement of the AC unit must be. Remember, each person in the room generates their own body heat and too many people in a space that is not adequately cooled may cause the room to feel uncomfortably warm. Turning the unit up to accommodate the extra people may damage it in the long run, as this tends to overwork it. It also generates higher electricity bills.

Budget And Features

Now that you have an idea of what you need in an AC unit, decide how much you can afford to spend. You can benefit here from some research to find out what your particular requirements are and the cost. If energy savings are important to you, then purchase a unit that offers this feature. If you need a unit with a lot of power to cool a larger space, then purchase one with the features you need, at a cost you can afford. Questions you might have to answer are:

1. Do you need a wall or a split unit?

2. Do I need a ductless unit or would ducts be better?

3. Would a central unit be preferable?

4. How energy efficient is this unit

5. Does this unit ensure good air quality?

How Much Noise It Makes

When you have a better idea of your budget and chosen features, one of the things you’ll want to look for is how noisy your AC unit is. We never notice how loud an AC unit is until we are trying to have an important meeting, are on an urgent phone call, or have to work alone with a noisy unit in the room. You might want to ask what decibel level your prospective AC unit functions at once it is installed.

Who Will Install This Unit?

This will take as much research as when you initially decided to look at your new AC unit’s features and cost. The team at AC Direct explained that there’ll be no point in spending a lot of time or money purchasing a top-of-the-line, costly unit for your office, only to find that it is not performing optimally because it was incorrectly installed. Select a company that has a reputation for doing good work and comes with recommendations, preferably from someone you know who has had work done by them.

Repairs, Upgrade, And Maintenance Of Your Unit

Choosing your new AC unit and having installed are only a few of the things you will have to consider when shopping around for an office model. Your AC unit will require annual scheduled maintenance, as well as repairs if something goes wrong. 

Ensure that the installation company you choose is capable of this kind of work. Examine the terms of the warranty they offer you and how long they are valid. If your unit requires upgrades, make sure that the installation company can perform this too. 

The lifespan of an office AC unit is 15-20 years. Given the length of time, you will have your new unit, you will want to be certain that you’ve chosen the best features at the best price. These are some items you can consider when you start shopping around.