Rare Color Photos Reveal The Beauty Of Germany Before It Was Destroyed By World Wars

With the use of the photochromation technique to bring out the color in black and white, the new photobook “Germany Around 1900” shows how beautiful the country was at the turn of the century.

The book is the work of author and museum curator Karin Lelonek. Its 800 pictures provide quite the fascinating look into the splendor of 1900’s Germany. Check out some of the stunning photos below.

Castle of Sigmaringen
germany 1900 - 3

Heinstein Castle near Trechtingshausen / Butchers’ Guild Hall, Hildesheim
germany 1900 - 6

Schwerin grand-ducal palace, Mecklenburg
germany 1900 - 1

Traditional German kitchen
germany 1900 - 9


Wernigerode Town Hall
germany 1900 - 2

Bastei Bridge
germany 1900 - 7

The coast around Westerland
germany 1900 - 4

Frederick Bridge and Berlin’s cathedral
germany 1900 - 8

Bedroom, Neuschwanstein Castle, south of Munich
germany 1900 - 5

H/t deMilked, taschen.com