This Couple Lives Completely Off Grid for 20 Years In This Vibrant Self-Sustaining Floating Home

Like a scene from Waterworld (only this one’s vibrant and full of life), artist Wayne Adams and Catherine King have a “floating fortress” to call home. Located on the coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, the couple calls their turquoise and magenta abode “Freedom Cove.”

They have spent more than twenty years to work their quiet, remote haven in nature’s abode, and they’re still not done.










As far as floating home goes, theirs is completely off-grid, and, well… off the chain!

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Wayne and Catherine built it together in 1992. Their property includes a studio where the couple lives, a dance floor, an art gallery, a generator shed, and a lighthouse tower for guests.

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Freedom Cove has a half-acre garden where Catherine grows edible crops for their food, aside from what Wayne catches fresh from the ocean.

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They get their water from rainwater and a nearby waterfall.

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Their self-sustaining home used to be powered by 14 solar panels, but when the panels broke down, the couple had to convert to a small Honda generator. The generator gives them about 3,000 watts of power that keep their lights on for 12 hours.

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The couple, who have two children, used to live in Tofino. But one winter, a storm blew a bunch of trees down. They gathered the wood and took it to the owner who gave the whole bunch to them. It was then that they finally chose to build their dream home.

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The ever expanding Freedom Cove now has 12 floating platforms.

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“Living in the wilderness is constant inspiration. It’s so incredible to wake up every morning and see all of this.”,King said in an interview with The Huffington Post.

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Wayne, 66, is a carver, while Catherine, 59, is a painter, dancer, writer and musician.

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Visitors come during the summer to experience the Freedom Cove’s sustainable lifestyle.

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