Floating Flower Garden In Tokyo That You’ll Have To See To Believe

Inspired by Nanquan Puyuan, a brilliant Chán Buddhist master in China and founder of the famous monastery, the Japanese collective team, TeamLab, has created an immersive, interactive flower installation that seems something out of a wonderful spring dream.

Called the “Floating Flower Garden,” TeamLab, which is composed of artists, designers, programmers and other tech gurus, has flawlessly combined the disciplines of science, technology, art and design into a captivating, fantasy-like installation. See for yourself!

floating flower garden 1


The floating garden contains more than 2,300 blooms and is currently on display at Tokyo’s Miraikan National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (until May 10).

floating flower garden 2

Spoon & Tamago

It’s unique concept and design allows visitors to become “completely one with the garden itself”. It’s not magic (aww), that powers the installation but sensors that can detect approaching viewers.

floating flower garden 6



Once detected, the flowers would rise upward. And as people walk through the garden, the flowers change their positions thus creating a unique and magical experience for them.

floating flower garden 7


For those of us who can’t pop over to Tokyo just yet, this video clip will get us pretty close to experiencing the flower room in person. Enjoy!


Via All That Is Interesting