Finding the Best Glass Rolling Trays Online: Here’s How

Cannabis is quickly becoming legalized or decriminalized in many areas of the United States. As cannabis becomes more and more mainstream, smoking paraphernalia is now available online for purchase on a larger scale than ever before.

According to reports, around 66 percent of Americans favor legalizing recreational marijuana.

One such paraphernalia product is rolling trays. These trays (or sometimes called “rollers”) come in all shapes and sizes, and they are usually made of either hard plastic or glass. Some wooden trays also exist, but these tend to be much less common than their counterparts.

The following article will explain these trays in detail, and it shall mention some of the factors you can consider when searching for a rolling tray online.

What Are Rolling Trays and Why Are They Necessary?  

These trays are used to hold and compact tobacco or herbs to form perfectly smooth cigarettes that burn evenly while also keeping your work area clean. The trays are a must-have item for any smoker.

The trays can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. However, there are two most common types of the rolling tray that people purchase online:

  • Full-size Trays 

The full-size trays are ideal for rolling cigarettes by hand. These are usually 9 to 10 inches long by around 7 ½ inches wide. They typically have a few grooves on the top surface, which you can use to hold your tobacco and herbs. There is also a compartment underneath where you can put any other items such as cigarette papers and filters (see picture below).

  • Half-Size Trays

These trays are around 6 inches long and 4 inches wide. They are large enough to fit a few tobacco or herb “blades” on the rolling surface while keeping them stable. The size is ideal for people who roll blunts and prefer to use their hands instead of using a rolling machine.

The reason why trays come in so many shapes and sizes is to cater to the needs of people based on their choices. It’s easy to find these trays online; type “rolling trays for sale” in the Google search box, and you will see plenty of them.

Benefits of Using Rolling Trays

  • Keeps Your Work Area Clean

When you’re working with tobacco and herbs, it is essential to keep your work area cleaner at all times. Skipping out on cleaning up after yourself can lead to mold growing on your rolling mixture, making smoking anything you make using dirty ingredients entirely pointless.

Using a rolling tray helps avoid making a mess when you’re working. You have to put everything in the tray and flatten it out with your hand or palm. For easier clean-up, always use rolling papers that come with an adhesive strip already on them.

  • Provides More Stability

One of the main downsides to using a bottle cap or flat object as a makeshift rolling tray is that it doesn’t provide much stability. These trays are designed to balance all of your ingredients perfectly so they don’t fall off during the flattening process, which helps you make perfect cigarettes every time.

  • Looks Great

Some people choose to keep their trays on display for people to see. There are numerous styles and colors available, so you can find one that suits your tastes.

You might even want to add some flourish such as stickers or decals onto the rolling tray itself before displaying it in your living room or bedroom, just like a piece of home decor.

Finding the Best Tray Online

These devices can be found everywhere online. However, you must remember to read the reviews before purchasing anything from this website. Here are features and tips to consider while buying these smoking devices.

  • Price

These trays can be found for all kinds of prices. You need to determine how much you’re willing to spend on a rolling tray before looking at anything online. 

Remember that while some trays are very cheap, this doesn’t necessarily mean they will live up to your expectations. Also, expensive trays may seem like they are worth the extra money, but you also need to consider quality.

  • Material Used

The material used for the trays is essential. For instance, if you prefer a glass or acrylic tray over a metal one, your only option is to purchase online since very few brick-and-mortar stores carry them.

However, if you are looking for metal trays, you can purchase those from any store.

  • Rollability

The trays are made to be rolled around on the floor, table, or other surfaces. If the tray is too light or has an unstable base, it will not roll properly and could fall over. Pick a tray made of durable materials and a balanced base, making rolling much more effortless.

  • Shape and Design

Many different shapes and styles are available to suit your needs when it comes to the design. Oval trays look like large blades of grass, which is ideal if you roll blunts often.

You can find these trays in all shapes and sizes on the internet. It’s essential to check out several different models before purchasing one since some are better than others. If you can, try out the tray you want to buy at a local store first before buying online. You may spend more money if you don’t do your homework.

Check out more reviews before buying anything online.

  • Brand Name

Some brands are better than others, so don’t assume that all trays are made of high-quality materials or will last a long time. The potential lifespan of both metal trays and glass trays can vary quite a bit, so do some research before committing to buying something you are unsure about the quality of.

  • Size

You have already established that these trays come in all shapes and sizes. Some are very small, with enough room to roll up one or two cigarettes. On the other hand, some are like small tables with multiple compartments to sort all of your ingredients together.