Expert Tips for Getting the Best Value from Casino Bonuses

Online casino gambling means no long trips to the nearest casino. No need to wait for someone else to finish playing your favorite slot machine. You avoid all the inconveniences of a brick-and-mortar casino and enjoy your favorite games at home.

Online casinos provide a wider range of games compared to land-based casinos. Better yet, they welcome every new customer with a bonus. You could receive $100 or 50 free spins.

Although casino bonuses are amazing, they’re not created equally. Discover how to get value from casino promotions below.

Shop Around for Top Bonus Offers

When it comes to spending money online, there’s no better way to find good deals than to shop around. For example, if you are looking for NZ casinos then make sure to compare the best available options for online casino bonuses in New Zealand before making your decision. This will give you a better idea of which casino offers the most attractive bonuses and promotions that align with your preferences.

Look at the casinos giving out welcome bonuses. Do you like any of the websites? Maybe there’s a casino with a reputation for slow payouts. Get it out of your list. Check the bonus amounts, the wager requirements, and the games you can play.

Shopping around helps you separate the wheat from the chaff. It allows you to see the hidden details in bonus terms. Also, it gives you a chance to compare other promotions before you decide whether to claim an offer from your favorite operator.

With that said, use reliable casino review sites to compare bonuses. Trusted review sites compile promotions from safe and reliable sites. Some of them may also send you weekly notifications about new bonuses if you subscribe to their newsletters.

Select Bonuses from Top-Level Casinos

Any online casino can give out bonuses. But you really don’t want to claim your welcome bonus from just about any casino. Far too many websites lure you with huge bonuses you’ll never cash out.

Here’s how it works. A casino offers you a 500% welcome bonus worth $5000. So, you deposit $1000 to receive your $5000 bonus. The site may hide some of its bonus terms. Let’s say you must use your deposit amount before you touch the bonus.

But since the bonus terms are hidden, you decide to use your bonus first. Guess what comes next? The casino confiscates your offer. It’s not a fair deal and this is why you should find promotions from trustworthy casinos only.

Top-rated casinos show you all their bonuses beforehand. You know what to expect after you make your deposit. Clarity about bonus terms is crucial when hunting bonuses. It helps you pick the best promotion for you.

Understand Bonus Terms

By now, you know it’s essential to select a casino bonus with great terms. But do you understand what different bonus policies mean?

  • Wager Requirements
  • Validity Time
  • Games to Play
  • Game weighting
  • Withdrawal Limit

For many players, wager requirements are the most important bonus terms. They show you the amount of money you must spend at a casino before you withdraw your winnings. Casinos express WRs as a multiple of your bonus.

For example, you may qualify for a $20 reload bonus with 20x WRs. This means you must spend $400 ($20 x 20) at the casino before you can cash out your winnings. That being said, you want a bonus with minimal wager terms.

A good bonus lets you play a wide variety of slots and table games. It doesn’t limit you to games from one or two software providers. Also, it comes with a generous withdrawal limit and enough time to fulfill your wager requirements.

Choose High-RTP Games

After you choose a casino bonus, now it’s time to turn it into money you can cash out. As we mentioned, some casinos have a rule that you should spend your deposit money first. That’s alright.

When it comes to using your bonus, select high-RTP games. RTP is short for Return to Player. It describes the amount of money a game pays back to winners in the long term.

Because most casinos are based on luck, the only way to better your winning odds is to select high-RTP games. Think of video slots like Money Train 2, Mega Joker, and Book of Dead. They all have RTPs of 96% or higher.

If you like to play table games like poker and blackjack, focus on the house edge. It describes a casino’s advantage over you in every game. It’s also the opposite of RTP. So, if blackjack has a 2% house, it means it has a 98% RTP.

Find No Wager Bonuses

Let’s face it. No one likes wager requirements besides casinos. They complicate the process of turning a bonus to cash you can withdraw. In some cases, the wager requirements can be too high, anyway.

Against that backdrop, find no wager bonuses whenever you can. These promotions are difficult to find. But occasionally, you’ll come across a new casino with a no-wager offer.

If you’re lucky, the bonus might be a no-deposit offer. This means you receive your bonus without having to link your credit card. Sometimes it can be a deposit-based promotion. But as long as it’s wager free—it’s worth claiming.

Of course, ensure you can withdraw your winnings. Some bonuses have no wager terms. But you can’t withdraw your winnings. You can only use your profits as a stake to play more games.

Learn Casino Winning Strategies

Bonuses are accessories designed to help increase your casino profits. But this only works if you’re a skilled gamer. Without proper skills and strategies, you’ll never get the most value from casino promotions.

Select your favorite casino games and learn the tricks required to win. Let’s say you love blackjack. The most successful blackjack players use strategies like basic blackjack or card counting.

Slots don’t have many strategies you can use. But by picking the right games, you can improve your odds of winning. And when you have good odds, it’s easy to make profits.

This is especially true when using bonuses. It’s not your money, meaning you can make risky moves. You can play more aggressively or experiment with new strategies. If these techniques work, you’ll often come out profitable.