Ethereum (ETH) Whales Accumulate ApeCoin (APE)

If you’ve ever wanted to know what an ApeCoin is, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re considering joining the Ethereum whales, you may be wondering what they’re doing with their new investments.  One of the largest cryptocurrency whales on Ethereum. This whale account contains more than 375 billion SHIB tokens, including APE. If you are into crypto investment, you can always visit The official Bitcoin Code site to help you out in your trading journey. 

On March 18th, the first address bought 300,000 APE, which was worth $4.2 million. Another whale account bought 300,000 APE on the same date, which is $8.4 million at current prices. 

The value of the APE token has surged in the past week, but it has also been under pressure lately. As the crypto industry continues to recover from a bearish week, the APE token has shown impressive resilience. The APE token has been up 30% over the last seven days. In the last six months, the total volume of transactions equaled $14.2 billion, representing more than 800 million APE.

What is an ApeCoin (APE) ?

This cryptocurrency is a form of digital art in the metaverse. It is a governance token which has the back of Ethereum (ERC-20) that users use in the APE network.The ApeDAO is an organisation that oversees token governance.

It has a roadmap of its future utility, including a marketplace and potential games. Furthermore, ApeCoin is non-fungible, which means it is unique and rare and has a proven ownership history. Thus, the price of an ApeCoin is fixed, regardless of the number of participants.

To begin buying ApeCoin, you must open an account with a regulated crypto broker or exchange. You should choose an exchange that offers a demo account and complete the KYC (know your customer) process. 

After the account is created, you’ll need to deposit funds. The options available for funding your account will vary depending on your country. Once you’re ready, you can trade with your virtual money.

Ethereum (ETH) Whales Accumulate ApeCoin (APE)

According to the latest data from Whalestats, four of the top 100 Ethereum wallets have been heavily invested in ApeCoin. The cryptocurrencies were launched by Yuga Labs, the same company behind the infamous Bored Yacht Clubs. In just four weeks, one ETH whale purchased 300,000 ape (about USD 4,206,000) for its use. 

Recently, two of the top ETH whales started to accumulate currency aggressively. According to WhaleStats, the 20th largest Ethereum whale acquired 300,000 APE, valued nearly $4 million. This transaction was attributed to the emergence of a new market fueled by the APE-based APE ecosystem. 

As a result, it’s worth watching how whales invest in cryptocurrencies. As part of the Bored Ape Yacht Club, non-fungible token holders can buy various new items. In exchange for these tokens, users must purchase the items with ApeCoin.

Apecoin (APE) Whales Accumulation

The last time you saw the APE price spike was when it broke above $15. Then, the price began to fade. The RSI indicator was overbought, indicating that profit-booking could be imminent. However, the APE price spiked the next day rapidly and is headed toward its all-time high. However, the whales are likely to be chasing profit, so you should be cautious with the price.

According to published data, four major Ethereum wallets have bet heavily on ApeCoin, the third-largest NFT collection ever. At the time of writing, there was $1.5 billion worth of registered sales. The APE coin was recently valued at about $11 per unit. These whales have been betting on the APE coin for quite a while. They are also buying APE at the launch price.

APE has become the most popular cryptocurrency among whales. The Ethereum ecosystem has several prominent whales. APE was the fourth most popular token among the top 1,000 Ethereum wallets on March 21. The average buy price was over $41,833 per unit. It also featured in Whalestats during the day, indicating a popular option for ETH investors.

Final Words 

The decision to Join the ApeCoin community depends on your level of experience. As the first cryptocurrency exchange, the community can decide the token’s value based on the current market price. However, this means that investors should have a good understanding of how the ecosystem works. And they should know how to choose a trustworthy exchange.