Her Owners Left Her To Die In A Fenced-Off Property. When Her Rescuers Came? I’m Crying A Bucket

Bunny the pit bull was abandoned by her owners. They left her stranded in a remote and fenced off government property where every single day is a struggle for survival.

When LA-based animal rescue group, Hope For Paws, was alerted of Bunny’s heartbreaking situation, they immediately went to her rescue. But since the abandonment left Bunny scared and untrusting of humans, her would-be rescuers had a slight difficulty in taking her in.

Luckily, a yummy cheeseburger came in handy. Watch the emotional rescue of Bunny.

It baffles me every single time how any human could simply leave their dogs behind. Dogs are family. And you don’t leave family behind.

Thank goodness there are people like the Hope For Paws team who never tire of giving these precious dogs a well-deserved second chance at life, and an even well-deserved chance for a caring and loving family. My hat’s off to you, awesome people behind Hope For Paws, and to all people just like you.

Credit: Hope For Paws – Official Rescue Channel