El Paso: A Thriving Texas City with Some High Car Crash Statistics

El Paso, Texas, is a delightful town. If you visit, you’ll likely find many activities you and the family can appreciate. The people who live there like it as well. They enjoy the food, warm weather, and cultural opportunities.

El Paso does have one issue, though. The city sees many car accidents. We’ll discuss that in detail right now. If you visit or live there, you should obey all traffic laws to avoid any dangerous or lethal situations.

Some El Paso Car Accident Stats

Over 2.6 million people visit El Paso yearly. The city relies on tourist dollars to some extent. The people who visit like checking out The El Paso Museum of Art. The El Paso Zoo and Botanical Gardens get many visitors, as does the Chamizal National Memorial.

The people who visit often drive there, and they take Interstates 10 and 110 to get around. If they don’t 

know the area very well, they can cause wrecks while out on the freeways.

2021 saw 15,623 car accidents in the El Paso area. That was up from the 12,489 that the police reported in 2020.

The pandemic probably caused the accident number to drop in 2020. Many businesses shut down, and less traffic meant fewer crashes. In 2021, more visitors came to the city because they didn’t fear Covid-19 as much. More individuals went back to work, and fewer worked from home.

Are These Crashes Serious?

In the past few years, if you look at El Paso traffic stats, you’ll see something troubling. When crashes occur, about 25-27% involve at least one fatality.

A fender bender won’t usually cause a death or terrible injury, but high-speed accidents on the highway can. 2021 saw 190 accidents that caused 216 serious injuries. 2020 saw 135 accidents in the El Paso area, causing 152 serious injuries.

Again, this indicates more tourism and more cars on the road in 2021 vs. 2020. As more tourists come to the city to enjoy the nightlife, museums, art galleries, and restaurants, some cause car accidents.

What Causes These Accidents?

In El Paso, much like other places, certain activities cause more accidents than others. Distracted driving tops that list.

Distracted driving is a catchall term that might mean you’re talking to someone in the backseat or passenger’s seat and not watching the road ahead. You might let some food or drink distract you. 

Maybe you look at a billboard you’re passing. You might let your smartphone or a podcast absorb your attention.

If distracted driving doesn’t cause an accident, speeding can do it. Many times, when the El Paso police look at crash sites, they identify speed as a contributing factor.

Drunk driving causes accidents. Tourists and locals who drink too much and decide to drive home from a bar or back to their hotel might make a mistake and hit a vehicle, pedestrian, or an inanimate object.

Road rage comes into play in El Paso sometimes as well. A person having a bad day at work might feel someone cut them off in traffic on the way home. They might hit the offending vehicle with their car intentionally. They might even have a weapon in the car and go after the other driver with it.

What Happens with Severe El Paso Car Accidents?

Deaths sometimes occur with serious El Paso car accidents. Injuries can also result, though. You might sustain whiplash if another vehicle hits you in the El Paso area. You may sustain broken bones, cuts, bruises, or internal injuries.

After a car wreck in El Paso, you should see a doctor if you experience pain after the crash. You might not feel it at first, but after the adrenaline wears off, you may realize you didn’t walk away unscathed.

How Can You Avoid Dangerous Car Wrecks in El Paso?

Avoiding dangerous driving behaviors and driving defensively often lets you avoid serious car wrecks in El Paso. If you visit this charming town, observe the speed limit, and don’t let anything distract you while you’re driving. Even if you feel you’re an excellent driver, you shouldn’t let down your guard.

The same applies if you live there. If you know the area, you may act blasé as a driver. You must always follow traffic laws, though.

Careless or reckless driving often causes car wrecks, so don’t contribute to the stats we mentioned earlier. Get home or back to your hotel in one piece.