Effective Moving Tips for Packing Like a Pro

If you are looking for efficient methods to organize your relocation, we provide you below our best recommendations on how to preserve peace of mind while moving.


Pack like a pro

Moving day is getting closer and you have to start pack your belongings. Make sure you have enough boxes and wrapping material for your stuff. It is a challenging task that require a lot of time and organizing skills.
Before starting make a list, plan your move in advance so you won’t forget something important. Find boxes of different material and various sizes.



Here are basic tips on how to pack efficiently even if you are going to order additional packing services from your local movers orange county:

• What are first thing that are going to the boxes? Item you rarely use like clothing that are out of season or books;
• Dedicate more time to breakable things: dishes, glasses, aquarium, antics. For these item you may require stronger boxes and a lot of bubble wrap, cotton, packing papers or old newspapers. You also can wrap breakable things in your shirts, also you may put a cushion between fragile things;
• Make sure all hazardous materials – bleach or aerosols are packed separately and stored away from the rest of your boxes;
• Your bottles should be covered with plastic wrap to avoid explosions;
• Don’t forget to put a number of the corresponding room on a box and label it.

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Moving tips everyone should try

Mentioned above tips are well-known and now we will describe less famous methods of packing:

• To keep your clothes clean and on hangers cover them with trash bags;
• Rolling suitcases are great option for packing books as it is much easier moving them around;
• To get rid of useless stuff and things you no longer need in your new home organize a garage sale. Things that weren’t sold should be donated. The less things you have the easier packing and moving would be easier;
• In order not to get lost small furniture accessorizes could be kept in small bags and taped to a corresponding piece of furniture;
• Ziploc bags or toilet paper tubes can be used for electronic cords storage;
• Make sure you remember about your box of essentials. This carton must include essential items for first few nights in your new house before you start unpacking. This is what you have to put in this box: personal hygiene items, snacks, tea, coffee, kettle, plates, local takeaway menu and contacts, bed clothes, trash bags, etc.
• Keep all your documents in a separate bright case that is easy to notice close to you.

These simple tips will help you creating an order while packing.