Don’t let an employment background check kill your dream job

Living in contemporary times where jobs are not easily attainable, particularly the ones that you dream of, can feel devastating. In addition to evaluating professional skills and personal characteristics, according to Forbes, three out of every four firms do background checks on all potential employees.

Many job candidates have been turned down for their ideal job due to insufficient information, identity fraud consequences, IRS identity theft, or posts on social media. All that information and even more may be revealed during a background check. However, if you properly prepare for it, it does not have to be a negative experience. This article explores what you can do to make sure you land your dream job despite pre-employment screenings. 

So what do employers look for in a background check

Is your resume enough?

Your resume, whether printed or electronic, is a summary of your work experience and education, the two most important factors in determining your suitability for the job you’re applying for. However, no one lists their criminal past, court records, warrants, imprisonment, bankruptcies, or anything else that is unfavorable on their CV. According to a survey, 70% of companies have discovered that their employees’ resumes include incorrect material.

Why job background checks?

It’s one thing to list work skills, experience, education, and past employment on a CV; it’s another for a firm to conduct due diligence to ensure you’ve done what you claim you’ve done. Anyone can write that they received a Gold Medal from Stanford, but if you did, you’d better have proof you earned it. A background check is performed on you to verify and confirm the information you provide.

study reveals that in many situations, this is merely a normal criminal background check to provide evidence that the employer has done everything possible to protect the company’s safety and security.

Accuracy of information

Inconsistencies in your work chronology, several short-term jobs, or purposefully leaving out relevant positions to the one you’re looking for are all things that an employment background check will outline. If you don’t mention a job you’ve had that’s similar to the one you desire, the employer will think you were either fired or laid off.

That is why you must offer accurate and genuine information. Because the background check will very probably discover inaccuracies anyway, forcing you to backtrack and explain yourself. Experts believe that it is better to be honest about anything bad and then make sure you can explain things in a way that won’t hurt your chances of landing a job.

Preparation is the key

Just like you would do for a job interview, you should prepare for your employment background check ahead of time. The more proactive you are in learning about the facts available to your potential employer, the better off you will be.

Google Search 

One of the greatest ways to begin is with a Google search of your name. You can learn exactly what the background check will reveal when they Google your name by doing it yourself first. You should keep in mind that Google only shows data that they have acquired from different websites, they do not own it. People-search sites and social media accounts are the most common sources of information for Google.

Avoiding Date Stretch

One of the most common white lies is stretching employment dates to conceal gaps. If you don’t remember the exact dates, rather than speculating, conduct some research. And be able to provide some reasons behind the time spent unemployed.

People Search Sites

You’ll want to opt-out and remove all your information from those sites. People search sites may contain incorrect or outdated info which might affect you negatively. Also, having your personal data on such websites leads to identity theft-related scams.

Social Media Check

Examine your social media profiles closely. This includes all photos, images, messages, and posts, even if they are old. Some might have been amusing at the time, but in today’s sensitive yet competitive job market it’s best to delete anything that could be interpreted as inappropriate by a potential employer.

Revisit your past posts on other websites

Review all of your material and content on any websites you own or visited to make sure it is good and acceptable. Make sure any information about you that is listed on any publicly accessible website or database is correct. Contact the website owner if there is information that needs to be deleted. Given the prevalence of identity theft, it is conceivable that your name and identification are being used for other purposes. You should double-check the accuracy of everything you see on the internet. The last thing you want to discover is that you’ve been informed you have a criminal record when you do not.

Update your LinkedIn

Boost your LinkedIn profile, as it is the most popular B2B social networking platform. To demonstrate that you are well-known and well-liked inside your specialized sector, ask friends and coworkers to like posts you publish and seek references from past employers and colleagues. Regularly post and comment on information connected with your field to show your expertise and interest.

Drug Test

Whether a drug test is included in pre-employment screening is totally up to the employer. In the United States, most employers are not required by law to perform drug testing. In reality, except for occupations that are required to undergo testing by federal or state regulation, many states and municipalities restrict or prohibit occupational testing in this area.

Driving History

Your employer is liable for you if you are forced to drive for business. As a result, if one of your tasks includes driving, they will examine your driving record. They want to know that you have a clean record so that they can trust you behind the wheel of one of their vehicles. 

Final words

You have put a lot of effort to find the job of your dream and show that you deserve it. And you do not want an employment background check to wreck your prospects when applying for it. To increase your chances of getting recruited, use the strategies and suggestions provided above.