Do You Need A Virtual Office With Mail Forwarding For A Successful Business?

Mail forwarding services in the UK are popular with entrepreneurs. The virtual office, which includes the possibility of forwarding correspondence, allows businessmen to receive important official letters at any time and anywhere in the world, for example, from government agencies in the UK. In this article, we will look at the features of using a virtual office with mail forwarding for business.

What is a virtual office?

Renting a virtual office provides you with almost all of the same benefits that you can get from a traditional workspace. The only difference is that you don’t actually use the location, which allows you to do business from anywhere while keeping your work address for correspondence. Obviously, the cost of renting a virtual office is significantly lower than renting a traditional office. Virtual offices can be rented for as little as £30 per month.

Benefits of a virtual office

There are many benefits to using a virtual office. They can be divided into three main categories: value, business opportunity, and trust.

1. Your home address information remains private.

Small business founders often work from their own homes. Using your home address for correspondence is a cost-effective solution, but it compromises your security as all data will be public. Registering a business in a UK virtual office will not only increase the prestige of your business but will also help you avoid such unpleasant situations as unscheduled customer visits.

2. Saving money.

At the start of a business, it makes sense to distribute funds wisely, as it is better to invest in business development. Renting a traditional office includes not only monthly rent, but also costs for utilities, transportation, stationery, etc. A virtual office for business start-ups is the perfect option to save money while still receiving quality office services.

3. Easy to expand business.

You are not limited in recruiting for your business, you can choose any suitable candidate on LinkedIn, even if he lives a few hours away from you or in another country. What’s more, you can assemble a large team of professionals who will work remotely without having to worry about expanding your traditional office space.

4. Testing new features with minimal risk.

Using a virtual office allows you to expand your business by testing new locations without risking losing a large amount of money.

5. No commitment.

Traditional offices tend to require long-term leases. For a start-up business, such obligations can be onerous. Virtual Offices are available for rent on a monthly basis. This service gives you flexibility because you are not tied to a particular area and can change providers at any time.

6. Business is not tied to a specific location.

You may need to move to a new region, but the thought of changing your work address can be intimidating. The advantage of a virtual office is that you don’t have to change your address, for example, to enter a new market. What’s more, you can rent multiple virtual offices throughout the country.

7. Increasing professionalism.

Let’s imagine that you need to meet with a designer to decide on marketing campaigns. One of the designers works at a home address, while the other has an official office address. Who would you prefer? Most likely, you would be safer and more comfortable meeting with a second designer.

The official address significantly affects the professionalism and legitimacy of the business. In addition, many virtual office spaces offer meeting rooms so you can meet with colleagues and clients in an environment that is conducive to business matters.

Why do you need virtual mail forwarding?

The mail forwarding service allows you to redirect correspondence from the company’s official address to any other convenient address, including in digital format.

The advantage of using a professional address is that it allows you to hide your home address from prying eyes and UK authorities, including HMRC or Companies House. This address is also featured on the company’s website, business cards, promotional messages, and Google My Business.

The mail forwarding service is quite simple and straightforward. You rent a physical postal address and receive your mails on it. All received correspondence enters a single mail sorting system, after which the intermediary that provides you with services can perform the following actions:

  • scanning the envelope, notifying the recipient of its arrival;
  • opening an envelope, scanning a document, notifying the recipient of its arrival;
  • automatic mail forwarding to the address chosen by the customer in the unprinted form.

This is a very convenient service, as virtual mail forwarding gives you control over the place of keeping all your important documents. The service can be especially useful for entrepreneurs who are often abroad.

When can virtual mail forwarding be useful?

Doing business in the UK has many advantages and the ability to forward mail is one of them. Let’s look at situations in which this service can be especially useful:

  • entrepreneurs living outside the UK;
  • businessmen who are temporarily abroad;
  • people who do not have time to visit the post office regularly;
  • people who send mail to different recipients.

Key benefits of virtual mail forwarding

More and more UK businesses are opting for virtual mail forwarding. This is not surprising, since this service allows you to avoid many troubles. Let’s look at the benefits:

virtual mail forwarding allows you to reduce or completely eliminate the cost of further transportation of correspondence

  • flexibility in managing correspondence
  • access to letters from anywhere in the world at any time of the day
  • the recipient can read the mail on the day of its arrival, he does not need to wait until the correspondence physically crosses the border
  • the recipient can access correspondence through Dropbox and Evernote, these services guarantee fast and reliable access to letters
  • service providers offer flexible contracts so customers can choose the services they need and pay as they go.
  • if necessary, a customer can still receive a physical sample of the correspondence
  • virtual mail forwarding is environmentally friendly as less mail is transported by trucks and planes.


Renting a virtual office offers a lot of benefits for businessmen in the UK. Among the useful services of virtual offices, which are popular among beginners and experienced entrepreneurs, is virtual mail forwarding. If you want to start a business and are interested in renting a virtual office, then Hoxton Mix will help you with this. The company offers a reliable service for your correspondence, so you can be sure that important documents will be received on time.