These 20 Cool Penny Projects Are A Real Treat For Every DIYer

Create some cool penny-inspired pieces with these 20 awesome DIY projects. Enjoy!

1. A wall hanging with different coins to commemorate important milestones in your family.
by Sew Handmade
diy penny projects 1

2. Another wall hanging that use pennies during your loved ones birth years.
by A Swell Place To Dwell
diy penny projects 3

3. An 8-bit style Mario to decorate your kid’s room.
by mr87third / via instructables
diy penny projects 2

4. A kitchen panel made from pennies!
by A Crafter At Heart
diy penny projects 5

5. Add sparkle to your kitchen by installing copper penny floor.
by USA Love List
diy penny projects 6

6. These copper letters… instant fave!
by The Crafted Sparrow
diy penny projects 19

7. Delight your guests when you serve their drinks with these coin coasters.
by Seriously, I’m Thrifty
diy penny projects 4


8. A penny tiled mirror would look so unique in your home.
by Honey Sweet Home
diy penny projects 18

9. A couple of pennies will transform your old boring vase into a modern piece.
by Voneinspired
diy penny projects 20

10. Penny panels will definitely brighten up your old cabinet.
by A Breath Of Fresh Erin
diy penny projects 7

11. So will an old table if you cover it with a mosaic of coins!
by Chump Change Designs
diy penny projects 17

12. Create a cool garden feature by tiling a bowling bowl with pennies.
by House Of Hawthornes
diy penny projects 9

13. Turn pennies into buttons with a doming block and a mallet.
by Epbot
diy penny projects 13

14. Stamp a meaningful phrase into a penny, punch a hole, add the chain, and voila – penny necklace!
byDIY Ready
diy penny projects 10

15. Or add some embossing powder and make decal penny pendants.
byJust Something I Made
diy penny projects 11

16. Drill holes and link coins together to make a bracelet.
by Dream A Little Bigger
diy penny projects 12

17. A penny ring would make a cool addition to penny trinkets.
via Trend Hunter
diy penny projects 14

18. Press some souvenir pennies to make a charm bracelet!
by What I Do
diy penny projects 15

19. You can add enamel powder to turn your pennies into these beautiful and colorful charms.
by Mrs. Beadley’s Workshop
diy penny projects 16

20. Some coins and pebbles will brighten up your bird house.
via Pinterest
diy penny projects 8

H/t Awesome Inventions

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