Discover an Amazing Underwater World in Thailand

Thailand has no shortage of islands. The ocean is a big part of Thailand and without a doubt the most beautiful part of it. With a 2,815 km of coastline, 1,878 of which is on the East Coast and 937 on the West Coast on the Andaman sea. The Andaman Sea roughly stretches over 1,200 km and is booming with marine life. Thailand knows the importance of its marine life and protects it in every way possible. 

It has a number of marine national parks all over the country which work in the protection of the exotic underwater world of Thailand. One of the most beautiful marine national parks in the country is Phi Phi Islands. About 45 km east of Phuket is this famous island. You may have seen it in the movie “The Beach” which stars the famous Hollywood actor Leonardo Di Caprio or you may have seen gorgeous photos of the islands online. 

But the beauty of it can only be explored through visiting it. Take a boat ride at one of these islands and you would be amazed at the beauty surrounding you. But the marine national parks are not the only places where marine life thrives in Thailand. 

Underwater World in Thailand

Scattered all over the country are a number of beautiful aquariums that let you take a closer look at the underwater world in Thailand. These aquariums are really large for the comfort of the marine animals and you get to witness a pinch of the beauty of the amazing Andaman Sea. Here is a list of some of the best aquariums in the country.

Sea Life – Ocean World

Home to more than 3,000 marine animals, Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World is the largest aquarium in East Asia. Formerly known as Siam Ocean World, the tank covers about 10,000 square meters of space. The exotic species of marine life are living in this aquarium and you get to witness the true beauty of the underwater world of Thailand. The largest arthropods of aquatic life, the Giant Spider Crabs in the aquarium measure upto 12 ft. The longest living octopus species, Giant Pacific Octopus can reach a size of upto 30 ft and weigh about 600 pounds. 

The speciality of these octopuses is that they can use their pigment cells to camouflage with the corals and stones. Stingray Sharks can be found in the coastal waters of temperate sea and have an average life span of about 15-20 years. You can find Starfishes in Sea Life and you are even allowed to touch a few of them under supervision. 

These are not  the only aquatic animals found at the sea world, more include sea horses, jackass penguins etc.

Pattaya Underwater World

A fascinating and one of the most beautiful aquariums in Thailand, Pattaya Underwater World is home to over 5,000 marine animals. From corals, sharks, manta rays and giant fishes the aquarium holds a rich biodiversity of marine life. One of its best features is the 100 meters long underwater tunnel that gives you a 270 degree look of the aquarium. 

When one of the sharks or other giant animals decides to take a rest on the tunnel, you get to see an amazing closer look at these animals. What is amazing about the tunnel is that it gives you a feeling of being inside the aquarium with the fishes surrounding you from both sides. Take your kids to this awesome place and let them learn more about these marine animals. Let them fall in love with the underwater world, after all, they are the ones who are supposed to take care of these animals in the future.

Aquaria, Phuket

The best aquarium in Phuket, Aquaria is home to about 25,000 animals. This gigantic aquarium is as beautiful as you can imagine and the staff working in this aquarium have a deep understanding of these marine animals. So you can ask all the questions that pop up in your mind and you will get an answer to each, so you go home a bit wiser. 

Open from 10:30 am to 7 pm, Aquaria is the biggest aquarium in Thailand and also the most beautiful one in Phuket. It takes you through a journey of knowledge and fun and you can learn more about the rich marine life here than anywhere else. Located in the heart of Phuket, this aquarium contains a vast variety of flora and fauna. Aquaria pened in 2019 and has been flooded by tourists ever since. 

After all, who does not want to take a closer look at the marine life that thrives in this aquarium.

Nong Khai Aquarium

Take your family to this curious place which is home to a vast variety of underwater species. Nong Khai Aquarium takes you on a trip to the marine life of Thailand as you get a closer look at the beautiful aquatic animals. 

The best thing about this aquarium is not only is it a beautiful attraction but it also has an experienced staff that will provide you with unlimited knowledge about these beautiful animals. Aquariums are the best way to witness the way of living of these amazing aquatic animals at a close proximity and no matter which aquarium you go to, you are bound to be amazed at the breathtaking beauty of the underwater world. 

Situated next to Khon Kaen University, Nong Khai aquarium is about 9 to 10 kilometers away from the Nong Khai City Center. The aquarium is well maintained over 3 levels and is a wonderful place for you to visit, with or without your family.

Monster Aquarium

Different from the rest in the list, the special thing about the monster aquarium is that it is home to the sea monsters. You can find anything from two head turtles, albino crocodile, armadillo, iguanas and snakes. 

A great variety of sea animals live here and the 10 meter long tunnel lets you walk through the aquarium and get a closer look at some of these amazing animals. It has a big terrarium where you can see reptiles like snakes and lizards. Also home to monkeys, sheep, porcupines and many other mammals, you would be surprised at what you find on every turn in this wonderful aquarium. It is also home to a lot of bird species, so the fans of the winged creatures are bound to have a wonderful time here. 

The rare albino crocodile is one of the main attractions of this aquarium and definitely worth seeing. You can roam inside the aquarium for about an hour and a half and see just how beautiful marine life is. Take a visit to these aquariums and witness the beauty of the underwater world in Thailand.