Digital Transformations of the Real Estate Industry

Digitization has arrived in the housing industry. According to different studies, almost every second company sees itself on the right path toward digital transformation. The fact that digital processes are necessary has now arrived in the industry.

The digitization of the housing industry is being driven primarily by so-called PropTech companies, which digitize procedures and processes that were previously non-digital.

PropTech uses technologies to manage and manage real estate – the target group is therefore companies in the housing industry. This digitization simplifies the numerous tasks of the housing industry. PropTech companies either use existing software and hardware or develop their own new solutions.

In addition to saving costs, PropTechs primarily improve the quality, flexibility, and transparency of their customers’ range of services. Digitization thus contributes to the long-term success of established real estate companies.

Looking for a real estate software development company?

Why do you need software development?

Software development is generally understood to mean the realization of individual application and communication systems with applications that enable flexible, cross-platform, and cross-device control of management, production processes, and marketing with modern technologies. Instead of resorting to “off-the-shelf” standard software and adapting it in a complex and cost-intensive manner, it is often worthwhile for companies to invest in a custom-made in-house development.

A software system is created on the basis of the processes and individual processes that already exist. The development of your own PropTech solution can achieve enormous time savings, increase productivity and give employees a more pleasant work process. Where standard software reaches its limits, individual software for companies can optimize the processes that take the most time.

Housing companies are driving their own digitization to simplify processes, reduce costs and remain competitive. If this transformation does not succeed with in-house resources or is too complex, PropTechs come into play.

Opportunities for digital solutions

PropTechs offer housing companies numerous opportunities for digital solutions. They make processes leaner and more efficient. Simplified administration, for example, minimizes the time required and saves costs. The capital released in this way can be used elsewhere, for example, to optimize other processes or to strengthen one’s own market position.

There are PropTech fields in all business areas of the real estate industry. In construction and maintenance, there are PropTechs in the area of property development companies and facility management. PropTech supports administration with software solutions, investments, insurance, and leasing. They digitize technical systems such as elevators, door locks, and bell systems. They are also active in supply in the areas of heating, energy, and metering service providers. In addition, digital solutions can improve contact between the housing industry and tenants. Through services for residents, PropTechs also offers solutions in health and care, logistics, and service.

PropTechs offer solutions for the smart home sector (i.e. private living space), for smart offices (for office space), for smart buildings (for complete residential buildings), and for smart cities (for networked urban areas).

At Axon, the continuous accumulation of knowledge through projects, further training in the latest technologies, and the constantly changing requirements of the customers drive the team to further develop PropTech solutions.

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