Dad Found Out His Son Is A Bully And Came Up The Perfect Punishment

There is quite nothing like the dreadful experience of being bullied. Anyone who has been bullied at one point in their life can easily tell you it’s a humiliating, degrading, painful experience that can scar a person, some, sadly for a lifetime. So yes, bullying has to stop.

Lately, many people are taking a stand against bullying, educating and encouraging society to be more accepting of people’s uniqueness and be more forgiving with other people’s mistakes. “To err is human; to forgive, divine” after all.

One of those people who are setting an exemplary example, not only to society but to parents as well, is Timothy R Srobenhorst. When the Wisconsin-based dad found out his son was bullying another kid at school he immediately took action – using the power of social media.

Srobenhorst posted this on Facebook
bully 2

Facebook/Timothy R Srobenhorts

along with this photo.

Facebook/Timothy R Srobenhorts

The punishment is 50 push ups on his fists, 10 incline push ups, a one mile run, landscaping at both his father’s properties and best of all… apologizing to the boy he bullied in school in front of the whole class.

That’s a master-class in parenting! And that’s how you let your kids know bullying is ‘not cool.’