16 Crazy Laws That Only Exist in North Korea

All around the world, we find a lot of strict rules. But North Korea is something else. Particularly around censorship. Photography is not even allowed more often than not.

As we all know by now North Korea is a mystery. We only get glimpses of this hermit kingdom through smuggled photos. Outsiders are not allowed into North Korea unless they pay a hefty price.

Below are a few of the strange laws from North Korea.


1. Government Hair Cuts

Majority in the world are blessed to have rights to their own personal style. But in North Korea, there are only government-approved hair styles.


2. Big City

If you want to live in the capital of North Korea, Pyongyang, then you need permission from the government!


3. Voting Is Mandatory

In North Korea, it’s illegal not to vote as the government mandates that all its citizens MUST vote. But the government also demands that everyone votes for the same person.



4. Controlled TV

There are only 3 TV channels and all of three are controlled by the government.


5. Controlled Religion

If anyone is seen carrying a Bible or any religious text, they are immediately imprisoned, or executed. They believe that if the people believe in a power higher than the government, then they could revolt.


6. Family Punishment

If a North Korean commits a crime, everyone in his or her whole family will face punishment.


7. Three Classes

In North Korea there is a disturbing 3-caste system, established by North Korea’s founder, Kim Il Sung, in 1957 to control the populace. North Korea is broken down into three classes: core, wavering, and hostiles. The most loyal to the government were placed in the ‘core’ class.


8. Human Waste

Since then North Korea has turned to human waste as a trade for animal waste, each factory in North Korea is made to supply farmers with as much human waste as they need.


9. No Escape

If you try to escape North Korea and you are caught you will either be executed or put into a labor camp. It’s hard to sneak into North Korea, but even harder to get out.


10. No Googling

Only North Korean political leaders and their families, and student studying at elite universities and members of the military’s cyber warfare department are allowed access to the internet.


11. State Made Web

There are no Windows computers or Macs in North Korea. Computers are made by a state-made operating system.


12. No Wifi

No WiFi in North Korea. WiFi is also banned at North Korean embassies around the world.


13. Tourism

If you’re lucky to be allowed to visit North Korea as a tourist, a government official will be assigned to you to watch every step you make. Every interaction, photograph, and visit a tourist makes must first be approved by the government.


14. Military Women

Military women in North Korea have to endure incredibly difficult conditions. They all have to have the same haircut, and required to always march in unison. If they take one misstep then all of them could be sent to a labor camp.


15. No Driving

North Korean citizen is allowed to drive. But only government-sanctioned citizens are allowed to own and drive a car.


16. No International Calls

You will be violating the law to make an international call in North Korea, even putting your life at risk. In 2007, a man was alleged to have been shot and killed by the government after making a number of international calls.

This is just pure craziness to the highest level! This will definitely make you a lot grateful you don’t live in North Korea!

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