Changing Your AC’s Air Filter Is So Important – Here Are 6 Reasons Why

Like most components of a home, air conditioning requires attention beyond installation. Though homeowners would love nothing more than to “set it and forget it”, air conditioning systems need maintenance and frequent checkups to stay effective. If you are wondering whether or not you should change your AC filter, the answer is probably yes. Though it can seem inconvenient, or you may not feel like shelling out the nominal fee, the truth is that changing your AC’s air filter is not something that can be overlooked. Need more motivation to change your system’s filter? Here are 6 reasons why changing your AC’s air filter is so important.

Owning Pets

If you are a pet owner, chances are you’re very familiar with the realities of pet hair. Though pets are great companions and can have their own unique mental health benefits, when it comes to air quality, fuzzy friends can be more of a hindrance than a help. Especially if your pet plays outside, tracking dirt and dander throughout the house can become problematic. To maintain a high-quality baseline of clean indoor air, pet owners should aim to change their filters more often than those without pets.

Prevent System Failure

When a filter is dirty, your AC system operates much less efficiently. Burdened by the extra film of dirt and air pollutants, the machinery will have to pump faster and more frequently to cool your residence to an acceptable level. This causes stress on the system and can lead to overheating and overwork. The more extraneous work your AC system does, the higher chance you will experience a system failure. This can result in a full-on system burnout, that will require pricey repairs or a complete overhaul. Even if a clogged filter doesn’t result in an immediate failure, lack of maintenance is proven to reduce the life of your system overall.

Stay Healthy

Clean air is one of the pillars of living a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, indoor air is usually much dirtier than outdoor air. This is because, without proper filtration and ventilation, unclean or germ-filled air has nowhere to go. The truth is, most air conditioning systems don’t pull air from the outdoors. Instead, they re-circulate existing air- and everything that is contained in it. Luckily, a good filtration system can be just as effective at cleaning the air without diluting it. The key to success? A clean and effective AC air filter.

High Usage

Changing your air filter is always important, but the stakes are much higher if you rely on your AC year-round. If you live in a hot climate, you’ll likely have a larger AC system to accommodate the volume of air that needs to be cooled. Websites like are a great way to get large enough filters when you need them most. If you only use your system on a sporadic basis, you might not need to change the filter as frequently. However, if you are someone who relies on AC every day you may want to consider changing out the filter more often than you think.

Ease Pre-Existing Conditions

Suffer from asthma or other chronic breathing conditions? This is one of the top reasons for changing your air filter. Because people with pre-existing conditions have a lower breathing capacity, they are much more reliant on external factors for getting clean air into their bodies. Studies have shown that people suffering from these conditions should change their air filters even more than pet owners or those with young children. To ease any breathing troubles, changing your filter every thirty days is recommended. 

Avoid Build Up

Aside from the air quality itself, there are some pretty pressing reasons why changing your AC’s air filter is a must for general home maintenance. When a filter is too dirty or congested to do its job, the germ-filled build-up can occur elsewhere in your home and HVAC system. To avoid the build-up of dirt or dangerous molds, you must change your filter. Taking excess moisture and bacteria out of the air can keep your home mildew and buildup-free.

At the end of the day, your air conditioner may not seem like something that needs a lot of your attention. That being said, the consequences of neglecting your AC can be devastating. By taking into account the frequency of use, the size of your property, and many other circumstantial and environmental factors you can gauge exactly what to look for. AC filters are an insignificant expense when compared to an HVAC overhaul or a health crisis. Hopefully, if nothing else, skimming through these real-life reasons for changing your filter will inspire you to check on your AC’s air filter today.