CBD Cream – Are Topicals Worth All of the Hype?

CBD topicals, and in particular creams, have become incredibly popular in recent years. There has been a great deal of attention given to CBD creams and the reasons why they are worth trying. From being a natural way to treat pain to offering an alternative to regular anti-aging cosmetics, there are many reasons why CBD creams are worth trying.

Despite the attention surrounding CBD creams and topicals, there is very little information as to how they work and whether they really are the best option for using CBD. So, are the best CBD creams really worth the hype?

What Are CBD Creams and Topicals?

CBD topicals are slightly different from other CBD products in that they are applied to the exterior of the body. As a result of the way CBD topicals and creams are used, they only affect the areas of the body they are directly applied to.

Topicals can be particularly useful when treating joint and muscle pain as they can be applied directly to painful areas and are able to work much faster than other forms of CBD. Another everyday use of CBD creams is to help alleviate skin blemishes and irritations and is often used in place of regular creams and balms.

Top Five Benefits of Using CBD Topical Creams

#1 – Can Be Applied Directly to Problematic Areas

One of CBD topicals’ primary benefits is that they can be applied directly to areas of pain or irritation. There are two reasons why being able to use CBD in this way is thought to be beneficial.

Firstly, applying creams directly to affected areas means that they are able to take effect much quicker than most CBD products that are ingested.

Secondly, topicals offer greater control to the consumers, allowing them to decide the body’s exact areas that they wish to be affected by CBD.

#2 – Wide Range of Options and Uses

The range of CBD topicals continues to grow to provide a more excellent range of options and ways to use CBD. Creams, for example, are available in many different forms, including the face, body, and eye creams. Other products, such as CBD-infused sun cream, and CBD hand and foot creams, are also becoming much more common.

#3 – Can Be Used in Addition to Other CBD Products

CBD creams do not have to be used in isolation and can be combined with other CBD products such as oils and edibles to form part of an extensive CBD routine. A great example of how people are using CBD creams in this way is to target sore muscles after a workout while also taking CBD oil supplements as part of a healthy diet.

Depending on a person’s reason for using CBD, they may find that different areas of their body require a slightly different level of CBD. Products like oils and edibles are great for providing the entire body with a mild dose of CBD, while creams and topicals can be used to boost CBD levels in the areas that need it most.

#4 – Dosage Control

One of the nice things about CBD creams is that they can be used in varying quantities depending on the needs of the consumer. Not all CBD products offer control over the amount of CBD being consumed at a given time, and so CBD creams can be an excellent option for those who prefer to decide their own dosage.

#5 – Can Be Used in Place of Traditional Skincare Products

Most CBD creams are designed to be used in place of other cosmetics and skincare products, making them incredibly easy to work into one’s daily habits and routine. Adapting to new products that require everyday use can be tricky, but switching out a regular face cream for one that is infused with CBD is a super-easy way to achieve this.

Are CBD Topicals Worth Trying?

CBD topicals and, in particular, creams are worth trying for many reasons, offering a much greater level of control than can be found with other CBD products. The ability to directly apply CBD creams to problematic areas of the body ensures that CBD can affect the areas that need it the most.

CBD creams are an excellent option for treating health issues and caring for one’s skin using natural, mineral-packed products.


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