How to Find the Best Software Testing Partner

When developing and debugging an IT product, you can’t go without a tester. His work directly affects the quality and reliability of a game, application, software, online service, or other product. But when testers are needed, companies are often faced with the problem of finding the right people. Where to start the search, how to … Read more

What is hashing? The battle for hashing power in bitcoin mining!

Hashing is a cryptographic process to map data of arbitrary length to data of a fixed length, the SHA256 protocol. The mining pools use hashing power to solve complex mathematical problems through brute force computation.  The more computational power they have, the higher their chances are to validate transactions and claim new coins as a … Read more

Why Is Optical Fibre Critical to Future Digital Experiences?

Many households and businesses today rely on fast internet connections for their communication and operational needs. Companies need fast and stable internet to ensure their financial, operational, and marketing transactions and access to digital insights are processed quickly and reliably. Businesses also need secure wired and wireless networks using cloud-managed installation and remote management. As … Read more