Can Password Resets Threaten Customer Confidence?

What do you when you forget a password? You reset it, right? But do you know that it can pose a threat to your business? 

The mishandling of data has become worryingly common with hackers becoming more competent and attacks being harder to detect. The sophisticated nature of these cyberattacks has significantly changed in the past few years. In recent news, AirAsia is dealing with a potential data leak and the loss of thousands of customer data, so what can businesses do? Let’s explore steps that businesses can take to main customer confidence and reduce the risk of data theft with passwords.

How can I maintain customer confidence?

The password reset process is crucial for both customers and businesses. That’s because there’s always a risk of a security breach or any other cyber attack. How often do people forget their passwords? It’s been revealed that 7% of US users forget their passwords 2-4x per week, meaning that a business must first ensure they have a easy-to-understand and straightforward process to reset their passwords. 

Secure Your Customers 

It is vital to make your customers feel that they are safe with your business. Else, they might switch to your competitor. Thankfully, the following simple steps can help you ensure their safety. 

  • The system should verify the identity of the user by asking for information like date of birth and sending a resetting link to the mentioned email address. 
  • Make sure you have a reliable authentication vendor to keep your system and online portals secure while your customers reset their passwords. 
  • Another way to make your customers feel safe is to use recognizable email addresses like [email protected]. As a result, they won’t feel confused. 
  • A personalized copy can be written for the customers to reply that they have been acknowledged. 

Apart from all these pointers, customers should be notified about the password resetting process concisely. Also, the process should result in a positive user experience. 

Protect Business Accounts 

These days people spend most of their time thinking about new passwords they should set to keep their accounts secure. Luckily, there are enough practices you can perform.

  • Using a password manager has become common these days. It helps not only to ensure the safety of your password but also lets you have easy access to your password. 
  • All the employees of companies should be trained in a way so that they can handle a data breach. And such programs should be conducted after fixed intervals of time. 
  • Staff should use devices provided by the company so that if the password needs to be reset, it can be done swiftly. 

With all these helpful tips, you can reset passwords without letting your business stand at risk. 

Password Security Risks

These are some password security risks that you need to be careful of. 

  • Phishing/Sniffers/Keyloggers
  • Brute Force/Cracking
  • Weak Passwords
  • Reuse of passwords and compromised passwords
  • Password Recovery 

So, make use of the best practices to keep your businesses away from these threats. 

Final Words 

By now, you must have understood all the measures that need to be taken while resetting passwords. Without them, you may end up risking your business and the personal information of your customers.