When This Boat Crew Realized What They Were Seeing, It Was Almost Too Late To Escape

Our planet is constantly changing. The constant change happens so slowly that it escapes our notice. But sometimes, if you pay closer attention, or when you’re lucky to witness it first hand, you will see that Mother Earth sometimes speeds things up… a lot.

This is what happens with the crew of the Maiken while they’re out enjoying a leisurely sail through the South Pacific. When one of them spotted a strange discoloration on the water, they decided to get closer and inspect it. When they realized what they were seeing, it was too late.

While enjoying a sail through the South Pacific, the crew of the Maiken spotted something unusual on the water.


They initially thought it was a sandbar. But when they got closer to it, it revealed itself to be something else entirely.


It looked like a beach! They saw a huge amount of pumice stone floating to the surface.


They redirected their yacht towards it to get a closer look.


It really looks like a beach in the middle of the ocean!


They decided to sail through it, leaving a break on the water behind them as they went.


They all wondered what could have caused this unusual event.


It was getting larger as they passed through it. Everyone had an uneasy feeling and upped their speed.



Once their boat was a safe distance away, the crew heard a faint rumbling. When they looked back, they saw water bubbling from the surface.


They realized that the source of the unusual event was an underwater volcano actually erupting at the time!


The crew decided to witness this tremendous event. Enormous plumes of smoke filled the sky.


When the smoke cleared, they saw something strange appearing at the water’s surface…


It was land!


Everyone couldn’t believe what they were just seeing: the actual birth of a new island!


They moved in a bit closer to make sure their eyes were not playing tricks on them.


It was real. The brand new island is already taking form.


It was absolutely one of the rarest events imaginable, and they were so lucky to witness it.


Not only did they witnessed such a momentous occurrence, they’ve also realized that they’ve just narrowly escaped with their lives!

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