15 Enchanting Photos Of Mysterious Forests That Look Straight Out Of A Fairytale

Many of us who are stuck in the city would gladly give our left nuts (admit it!) for even just a quick escape to paradise. It doesn’t always have to be the beach though. Sometimes, paradise also comes in the form of magical and mystical forests that looked like they only exist in Disney books and movies.

But a quick getaway isn’t always possible. Bummer, right? Lucky for us, there are talented photographers out there who flock to some of the planet’s enchanting forests to take photos so stunning and surreal, it almost feels like we’re there exploring them.

Here are 15 mysterious forests that you’d probably won’t mind getting lost in. Yes, they’re that beautiful.

1. Beskydy Mountains, Czech Republic

beskydy mountains czech republic

Jan Bainar

2. Chinese Hemlock Trail, Taipingshan, Taiwan

chinese hemlock trail taiwan

Justin Jones

3. Czech Republic

czech republic

Jan Machata

4. Germany


Kilian Schönberger

5. Hallerbos, Belgium

hallerbos belgium

Kilian Schönberger

6. Haute-loire, France

haute-loire france

Bastien Bajduk

7. Italy


Leonid Litvac



8. Misty Forest

misty forest


9. The Moss Swamp In Romania

moss swamp - romania

Adrian Borda

10. Nagoya, Japan

nagoya japan

Yume Cyan

11. North Greenwich, London, England

north greenwich london england

Andy Linden

12. Otzarreta Forest, Basque Country, Spain

otzarreta forest spain

Javier de la Torre

13. Rila Mountains, Bulgaria

rila mountaines bulgaria

Xiao Young

14. Stanton Moor, Peak District, UK

stanton moor uk

James Mills

15. White Carpathians

white carpathians

Janek Sedlar

H/t Bored Panda