Best Animation Software For Businesses To Use In 2022

In a predominantly digital world, where we are bombarded with information from many sources, it is becoming more and more complicated to keep our attention in one place. Companies that try to sell their products and services know this very well. Therefore, instead of describing their products traditionally through text blocks, they try to innovate and adapt their creative strategy to the requirements of consumers.

They use many visuals, like images, video content, and animations. And video animation is our topic for today. There is a lot of animation software to use to keep up with the wave, and we certainly put Toonly on the top of the list. But before we get there, let me explain leisurely the benefits of using such tools.

Why you should consider using animation software for your business

Firstly, animation software has a bunch of assets and tools great for presentations and marketing videos. This video tool changes the way we relate to marketing communication. This is substantial for promoting products because prospects and potential customers will be more attracted to visually appealing and engaging content. 

Moreover, it is a very useful tool that will help you put your creative skills into practice. Because it’s a dynamic visual, your creative ideas will come to life. So are your potential customers’ intentions.

In the following, let’s see some of the best animations software businesses can use in 2022.


Toonly is best to be used as an explainer video software through visual content. With lots of features, the information you present will become more understandable and engaging. They offer a generous props gallery, and they give you the possibility to upload your props. Of course, they have backgrounds with scenes made by professional designers. But Toonly has more to offer. It integrates audio track and VoiceOver options, video export options, and tons of characters that are able to lip-sync, clap, dance, and a lot more. These integrations justify not having a free trial version but a monthly subscription. 


Another great animation software is Animoto, a tool that promises to make your videos stand out. How? First of all, it is an easy-to-use app suitable even for those who have nothing in common with this field. Second, it comes bundled with pre-built templates, so you do not have to take it from zero. Finally, the features it has, make it perfect for small businesses and individual creative purposes.


When it has a free version and many interesting tools, you know a software is worth testing. Sure, we are talking about Animaker, a tool that supports 4K, drag and drop feature, and that will let you create live videos in a breeze. With this program, you can put your ideas on the screen and let them catch life.

Overall, an animation software helps you both present your products and services and pitch them in a fun and professional manner.