Are Mouse Pads Still In?

Much like Mark Twain said, it certainly seems like rumors surrounding the demise of the mouse pad are greatly exaggerated.

In spite of the fact that many users have turned to touchscreens and trackballs, there’s no way that either of these devices can ever completely replace the classic mouse.

In fact, the current emphasis on serious online games has helped to create a steady market for higher-end mouse pads.

A few marketing experts have even expressed the opinion that there’s never been a better time to put custom branding on a mouse pad.

Putting Your Brand on a Mouse Pad

Personalized mouse pads are a great way to get your message out to tech-savvy consumers. People who use mouse pads in today’s world are often involved in technical drawing or gaming, which makes them an ideal targeted audience.

Small business owners who regularly attend trade shows are free to bring a whole crate of mouse pads along with them and pass them out. Since they’re so light, they’re easy to bring along to every stop on the circuit.

In fact, these advantages are starting to make them attractive for families as well. Some people have decided to have special mouse pads made up to commemorate certain events.

This has spurred people on to create new styles, which are generating quite a bit of buzz in the marketing world.

New Shapes & Sizes of Pads

Unlike in the past when there was primarily one single type of mouse pad, you can find a number of shapes and styles in today’s world.

Some years ago, a number of enterprising computer brands started to market circular pads that were designed to better fit smaller pointing devices.

If you have a brand with a prominent circular logo, then you might consider giving away mouse pads that match its unique shape.

More recently, designers have started to come out with a number of pads that follow an angular design. This might appeal to those who want to adopt a more edgy image.

However, you don’t want to distribute mouse pads that feature too many points on the end.

A majority of pads are made from a surface covering that’s glued onto a rubber backing. If your design features anything that could snag the mouse’s cord, then it might start to pull this covering off the backing.

Opting for something rounded might be the best way to go. Your consumers will have a desk accessory that they could use for many years that way, which means they’ll be reminded of your brand for many years to come.

When they need to make an important purchase, your logo will be the first thing they see as soon as they look down at their desk.

Gamers might glance down at their pad and remember who sold them their latest stick of RAM.

Technical artists might take a look and recall who hooked them up with the advanced CAD package they use. At least as far as promotional items go, mouse pads are more in than ever before.