Air Conditioning Installation In Sacramento For You

Air conditioning equipment creates comfortable indoor air temperatures. This technique is increasingly used in everyday life. Today, they are installed mostly everywhere to make our daily life comfortable. For this reason, you can see them in medical and educational institutions, offices, and shopping centers.

There are numerous kinds of climate systems that differ in design, purpose, user-friendliness, and technical parameters. In this article, we will explain to you the most important things about household and industrial air conditioners. For example, their characteristics, ac installation sacramento, and more.

Stages of air conditioning installation

The first stage: find a proper location for your conditioner

First, the inner block must be placed so that furniture or interior items do not obstruct the airflow. When choosing a location, it is necessary to provide the opportunity to open the front panel of the air conditioner for preventive maintenance.

Also, when installing the air conditioner, take into account that the length of communications (freon tubes) between the inner and outer units in most cases should not exceed 15 m. More precise information is usually indicated in the installation manual of the air conditioner. Or better, rely on the help of professionals, like Alpha Mechanical.

The second stage: installation of the air conditioner

In most cases, AC installation in Sacramento is standard. In the wall with a window, a hole is drilled to bring the communications out to the outer block. The inner block is installed in the room at the selected location.

From the indoor unit to the opening to the street, a decorative box measuring 60 x 60 mm is attached to the wall, in which interconnections are laid. The box must be laid under a slope to drain the condensate from the indoor unit.

For the power cable, a narrow decorative box is attached along the plinth from the socket to the corner. And then – along the corner vertically upwards to the box with interconnections.

As for communications, they are laid in the box. Brackets are attached to the outer wall under the window and the external unit is installed on them. The outdoor unit should be bolted to the brackets.

In the main:

  • The communications should be connected to both blocks by rolling joints. 
  • The freon tubes should be dismantled. 
  • The electrical cable should be connected to an internal or external unit depending on the power supply scheme of the specific air conditioner model. 

Once the utilities are connected, the system must be vacuumed, in which air and steam are extracted from the sealed circuit of the freon pipes. If the system is not vacuumed, the remaining air and moisture in the system will have a very negative impact on your conditioner.

Third stage: verification

The final step is to turn on the air conditioner and check its performance. 

Types of air conditioning systems

According to the main principle of operation, air conditioners are classified into two groups: 

1. Inverter air conditioners

Inverter models work in constant mode on the principle of inverting AC with the required frequency. During operation, the speed of the compressor engine changes smoothly, adjusting the power, which allows you to maintain a comfortable temperature in the room.

2. Conventional air conditioners

Conventional air conditioners are sometimes called linear. They work on a determined power parameter. When the temperature is set, the instrument is automatically switched off. The engine is restarted when the room temperature is higher than the set value.

Classification of air conditioners by purpose

According to their purpose, climate control devices are divided into three types: 

  • household conditioners;
  • commercial conditioners; 
  • industrial conditioners. 

They vary according to their power, performance, and dimension rates.

Household air conditioners

Household models perfectly match private homes, apartments, coworking centers, etc. The power of household appliances varies between 1-10 kW, which is quite sufficient for air conditioning in a room of 10 to 100 m2 maximum.

Features of household models: 

  • stylish design; 
  • the low noise level during operation; 
  • compact dimensions.

Modern items boast many extra features. They even can cool the air in the room and also clean it of dust, bacteria, unpleasant smell, and more. The average service life of household air conditioners is 8-10 years.

Semi-industrial (commercial) air conditioners

Semi-industrial air conditioners are mostly used in accordance with business purposes. They are often installed in places, like catering establishments, banks, and shopping centers with huge areas.

Types of commercial air conditioners (by installation):

  • cassette conditioners;
  • channel conditioners;
  • ceiling conditioners;
  • column conditioners;
  • multi-split system.

Industrial ACs

Industrial air conditioning items are the most effective in the niche. They are created to provide and regulate comfortable temperature conditions in wide areas. They are installed in large government institutions, exhibitions, shopping centers, theaters, concert halls, indoor stadiums, medical institutions, buildings of industrial enterprises, etc. The power of such devices varies from 200 to 10,000 kW. 

Alpha Mechanical experts will help you calculate the cost of installing an air conditioner for your home. Their specialists will also help you provide AC installation in Sacramento. Call them by phone or fill out an online application on the website. The manager of the company will answer all your questions.

Summing it up

Nowadays, air conditioning installation is required by many people more often than ever. Air conditioners are in a significant range which also causes difficulties in their selection. To install the air conditioner, you should seek the help of an air conditioner specialist. Especially the installation of split-conditioners should be entrusted to a professional, as it requires punching the wall. Alpha Mechanical installs modern air conditioners in Sacramento. They will help you choose a first-class air conditioner at a favorable price that will meet high quality and safety requirements.

This team of specialists uses only proven air conditioning systems. They are always ready to install air conditioners on a professional level.

Usually, the installation of air conditioning includes:

  • Installation of the alarm system.
  • The departure of the employee to the specified address.
  • Checking of system tightness and connection stability.
  • Carrying out the necessary technical work.
  • Preparation of the air conditioner for operation.
  • Testing in different modes.
  • Tips on proper use.